There are only 6 days left on Robison Wells’ Indiegogo campaign.  A bunch of authors have gotten together to create an anthology which we are selling to help Rob out, after he ended up in debt up to his eyeballs as a result of his mental illness.

We’ve raised a ton of money. This is going to make a huge difference for him. This anthology will wipe out over half of his bills.

For only $10 you can snag a book. Since all the authors volunteered their stories for free and I think Brandon Sanderson is footing the production bills out of his own pocket (don’t quote me on that) then you get a book, and Rob is that much more out of the hole. There are only 6 days left.

My fans, being generous and awesome, kicked in thousands of bucks for me to shoot stuff. As you can see from this video, raising money for mental illness is serious business.

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The Drowning Empire, Episode 53: Tamori Isao in Second City

One thought on “Only six days left to PUNCH MENTAL ILLNESS IN THE FACE!”

  1. My family has also been having to deal with some medical issues. The individual in question, however, is currently refusing financial help and there was another set-back this weekend. I started feeling down about having no control.

    That being said, I went ahead and upped my donation when I saw this post. I think I just needed to feel better by helping somebody. If the goal isn’t reached, I hope that things will work out for Rob and his family.

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