Autographed (and personalized!) Monster Hunter Nemesis available from Uncle Hugos

I am going to be signing at Uncle Hugos in Minnesota for the release of Monster Hunter Nemesis. Because they are a really cool bookstore, one of the things that they do is that they’ll take personalized orders, and then I can sign them accordingly, and ship them to you. Since I don’t have the time or the capability to keep up with doing this out of my house, other than catching me at a book signing somewhere, this is really your only way to get a personalized autograph.

And even if you just want the regular book, they are a great store. (and the people who introduced me to my publisher Toni!)  They also have all my other books if you want any of those, and I’ll sign them, I’ll do poorly drawn cartoons, I’ll struggle to come up with something witty and fail miserably, whatever you want. I’m here for you guys. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Autographed (and personalized!) Monster Hunter Nemesis available from Uncle Hugos”

  1. I have gone the Uncle Hugo route more than once – the books arrive as ordered, in a timely manner, and personalized exactly as requested. Very positive reviews from me!!

  2. I live in the Twin Cities and I’ll totally show up for a book-signing. It’ll give me an excuse to buy ‘Nemesis’ in HC instead of waiting for the paperback or getting the e-book.

  3. Any chance you’d be doing a Q&A anywhere while in MN? I’d appreciate the opportunity to ask some questions about authoring with recorded vs. printed in mind. I’ve been an Audible subscriber since 2001 and have recently found your MHI series and have enjoyed it completely.

    1. Come on down to his signing. Larry is always talkative and interesting. You’ll definitely be able to sneak in one or two questions on writing.
      Or you can offer to take him out for Ethiopian food.

  4. Picked up my autographed copy of the MHI Handbook through those folks. I’ll recommend Uncle Hugo almost as highly as I do Larry himself.

  5. Done!

    Hey, Larry, you came up yesterday morning in a conversation I had with the NRA National Pistol Manager. Please send me an e-mail when you have a minute or two.

    1. A. Well, I’ve got tens of thousands of people who want to read this book, and my publisher was going to release it this summer, but I should totally delay that because of the 1,000+ orders from the Kickster there are like a dozen orders that haven’t been fulfilled yet. Let me check if I can postpone an international book release… Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. Still need to release my new book. Simon & Schuster would get cranky with that warehouse full of books otherwise.
      B. As far as I know, the only kickstarter orders not shipped right now are the last few internationals, a handful where the post office lost a package and we’re trying to scrap together replacements for a few specific coins, and fixing some mistakes where the wrong items were shipped. If you are in those categories, then Jack has probably already contacted you about it.
      C. If you aren’t in one of those categories, or Jack hasn’t contacted you yet, I’d recommend contacting him on the KS and asking, because I have no idea who you are or what the status of your order is based upon this blog comment alone.
      D. If at any time you aren’t satisfied or you feel ripped off, I’m happy to cancel your order and refund your money.
      E. Out of the thousands of individual items shipped, we’re down to the last like 20 or 30 individual little pieces of metal that are being a pain in the ass. Believe me. I want this project done way more than you do. I don’t even get my own personal coins shipped to me until all of you guys get yours. I don’t get paid until all of you guys get yours. I haven’t even SEEN all the coins in person yet, because I am the last order that gets fulfilled.
      F. As for your question, I’m assuming you would probably buy the book because you like the series and want to know what happens next? Just a guess. 🙂

      1. I ordered two and eventually after several months received one (which was a gift for somebody else, so I don’t have it any more). Contacted Jack, and he apologized and said because spreadsheet error. Some weeks went by. Contacted Jack again, eventually got a response claiming to have shipped me another, but nothing came. Wrote him back saying I hadn’t gotten anything, no further response for several weeks.

        If my lighter is still forthcoming, a simple response back to that effect would have been nice, and would have prevented me from needing to drop a turd in your blog comments to get more information.

      2. Email sent to the address I used before. I didn’t order these through any Kickstarter; I thought I was buying merchandise off a website. Thanks.

  6. Any chance you’ll be doing book signings in your lovely home state of Utah (more specifically, the SLC area)? I am terribly OCD about having books in a series all be the same binding (I have all the MHI books in paperback) but I’d kick that OCD in the face and buy a hardback of Nemesis if it meant gatting you to draw an awesome picture in it at a local book signing.

  7. I can think of only one thing better than a book autographed by The International Lord of Hate – say, a copy of Nemesis autographed by Agent Franks. 😀

  8. Hmm. My sister lives in Minneapolis. She wants me to visit. My cousin lives in San Fran; she wants me to visit for her birthday. So, basically, I could see you in either place. Or both! Double the hate!

  9. I just placed my order for a signed copy of MHN. I thought there was going to be some kind of prompt to put in my request for a personalized message or something but I never got that option? So what does it take to get Larry to write Vampires SUCK!! in my book?

  10. Hot dang! I’ve been going to Uncle Hugo’s since they opened (the old store, over on Franklin Ave.). It’s the best SF bookstore in the world, and if you’ve never been there, the selection of used SF is absolutely incredible (floor-to-floor and wall-to-wall).

    I’m hoping that the line to meet you and have a book signed isn’t stretching out the door and down the block. Well, for your purposes I hope it is. See you there.

  11. Thanks for the heads-up! I just placed an order, even though I already pre-ordered Nemesis from… because my 14-year-old stepdaughter will SQUEAL if she gets an autographed copy.

    (I also asked for one of those adorable Correia cartoons. Yes, I’m a pain in the neck. But I can’t possibly get one if I don’t ask, right?)

    Can’t wait to read Nemesis. I’ve never been a fantasy fan, but I surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying the MHI series and the Grimnoir series.

    Oh, as long as I’m being annoying… are there any of the MHI coins left?

    Many thanks!

  12. Wow I’m STOKED! I’m a born and bred Yooper (and Larry you wrote Alpha like you were one of us) who now lives in Minnesota. My Dad (another Yooper) introduced me to your books. I’m going to have to get one copy of Nemesis for him and one for me autographed.

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