Another Kickstarter I'm helping out in

Details to follow, because it should be releasing soon, but I’m contributing some short fiction to a Kickstarter for another RPG. This is for the world of Aetaltis. 

The reason I’m excited? Look at the other contributors.

  • Larry Elmore (Anthology Cover)
  • David Farland (Author)
  • Matt Forbeck (Author)
  • Ed Greenwood (Author)
  • Dave Gross (Author)
  • Amanda Hamon (Pathfinder Rules Editor)
  • John Helfers (Author/Anthology Editor)
  • Steven S. Long (Author/ Adventure Editor)
  • Mitchell Malloy (Lead Artist)
  • Mel Odom (Author)
  • Jean Rabe (Author)
  • Mike Schley (Cartography)
  • Lucy A. Snyder (Author)
  • Michaerl A. Stackpole (Author)
  • Elizabeth Vaughan (Author)
  • Universe M (Interior illustrations/logos/sketchcards)

If you are a gamer, you recognize a bunch of those names. 🙂

Charity: Altered Perceptions Update and Larry shoots stuff
The Drowning Empire, Episode 52: Stranger in a Crab Land

7 thoughts on “Another Kickstarter I'm helping out in”

  1. Met Elmore at D*C 08 and invited him and his lovely partner to the Kilts and Corsets party that some ‘flies throw every year.

    He actually showed – what a great time. Also, fun to chat with the guy that did so many covers on books that I like.

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