John Brown spills the beans on the International Lord of Hate!

John Brown spent 7 days in a car with the International Lord of Hate and lived to tell the tale:

I would say he is mostly factually correct. 🙂

I only wore 2 guns on that trip. My Kimber/Bul Poly .45 and a little Kahr MK9. I broke my roommate’s toe and he broke my nose, not the other way around. And that beef jerky was really gross.

And in another from the It Is Good To Know Who Your Friends Are File:

Larry Correia deserves a break

Fantasy Hero Kickstarter
A new contest for fantasy short stories, the Baen Fantasy Awards

38 thoughts on “John Brown spills the beans on the International Lord of Hate!”

      1. Tom, you and I, if we’re ever traveling together, remember this. This is why I’m on the motorcycle.

  1. I’m just wondering where I can get one of those Larry Correia Bobblehead Voodoo Dolls® that Torgersen was talking about.

    I’m thinking that’s a great marketing opportunity, right there… 🙂

  2. Great story, hilarious even!

    Larry, the first pic looks like you’re trying to do your Neil Fallon of Clutch impersonation! 😉

  3. From Brad’s link:

    Tickle him, he laughs.

    Oh, the imagery of the Tickle-Me Larry Doll! Oh the Horror!


      1. Having test-driven a late-model (2012) Focus the last time I went car-shopping…that must have been a tight fit. I’m only 5’8″ and about 230, and I felt a bit claustrophobic behind the wheel of it.

        Good thing they didn’t give you guys a Fiesta…even if you managed to get in it, they’d need the Jaws of Life to get you _out._

      2. Wes, I’m 6’7″ in w/o shoes, 260lb, I fit into the Focus fine. And the Chevy Sonic. I’m not surprised Larry fits into it fine, dainty little man that he is.

  4. Larry, you wanted to know why the Snowflake Brigade declared you “unsafe”? Imagine sitting in your mobility scooter and seeing that picture on the top of John Brown’s page looking down at you from six feet up.

    We’re talking bladder emergency right there.

    1. If I understand, it’s not that these people think they are physically unsafe, but that they fear their feelings will be hurt? It isn’t very clear to me which is the actual concern, and I wonder if they have trouble discerning the difference.

      1. Andrew, I can assure you I’ve been declared physically unsafe just by walking in and saying “good morning”.

        Special Snowflakes use “safety” as a bludgeon to club people larger (and better looking!) than them into submission. Hurt feeeewings can be very effective when used strategically, ask any nurse.

        Helps a lot to be self employed. You’ll notice Larry is self employed.

      2. No, there also seems to be an almost Puppeteer-like paranoia (Niven reference) that people who strongly and openly disagree with them (as, for instance, our host does) might end up using physical force against those they disagree with.

      3. Which is ironic since they so often call for violence against those they disagree with.

        Hell, it wasn’t that long ago that I woke up to tons of death threats on Twitter because I told Piers Morgan to go back to England where they have the stupid gun laws he prefers. Morgan retweeted it, and his followers wished death upon me and mine in violent ways (and yes, a couple said they wanted to pull the trigger).

        Ironic that the worst I want to do to people I disagree with is beat them come election time, yet we’re the violent ones?

      4. You know, this isn’t all that irrational. Essentially, they take no active responsibility in protecting their own right to speak freely, and the only force they can deploy comes from others. While I would argue their natural right to speak freely is impervious to human intervention, their ability to speak can be forcibly taken without much effort. The only opposition to taking that ability is the people who can take it.

        Essentially, their ability to continue poking the bear is at the whim of the bear and the bear’s judgement that it’s more trouble than it’s worth to eat them.

  5. That picture of Larry might work on a SJW like a cross to a vampire. I was going to go with garlic, but I think the jerky has that angle covered.

  6. Incidentally, Cat on Brad Torgersen’s page seems to be opening right off the bat with skim till offended and disqualify the opinion

  7. Okay, the nose bit I might have gotten wrong. But even though I updated the gun number in my post to placate him, he had a shotgun in his back pocket (it’s a big pocket), a .45 on his hip, and a bazooka in the sock. That’s adds up to 3 in any establishment worth mentioning.

  8. “Tickle him, he laughs.”
    I sense marketing potential here…

    “Feed him ice cream, he smiles.”
    Bringing supply of ice cream sandwiches to next con. I wonder how many writers this works with? Time for SCIENCE!

  9. Well, since they already spilled the beans, and I may have slipped at Brad Torgersen’s site, I’ll go ahead and admit this here.

    The guys would never tell you this, but…

    Larry gives some of the best hugs!

    Not only is he a master of the warm friendly hug, it’s also a perfect redirect so you don’t end up knocking an arm or elbow against his carry piece. Seriously a skill more guys who carry need to master! (My husband is awfully good at it, too. He approves of Larry hugs.)

  10. Larry – I own a Kahr CM9 and have been pleased, but the MK9 is intriguing (as is the MK40). Can you share your impressions?

  11. Pardon me for hijacking the thread, but has anyone seen this video yet? One of Obama’s former National Security Council spokesmen, Tommy Vietor, publicly dismissed the Benghazi scandal with, quote, “Dude, this happened, like, two years ago.”

    WTF is this, “Fast Times At Ridgemont High?”

    The utter inmaturity, childishness, and arrogance of this callow and callous little…Oedipus…has to be seen to be believed. I haven’t the words to describe it,

    1. The issue still boils my blood. The failure, and the political sidestepping, and the indifference.

      I wrote about it on AtH after the last anniversary, and I’m still angry. I don’t know that it will fade.

  12. I googled Larry’s name… like he said. I think I counted 6-7 writers total who criticized Larry’s nomination because of his politics. Ok those guys are jerks. There are alot of SF/F writers out there. Most of the complaints were by anonymous forum posters. The vast majority of those are fans. Alot of fans can be idiots. I don’t think this shows a vast number of people mad that larry got nominated for a Hugo due to his politics.

    I think its ok if some people have preferences for other books. Im a WoT fan boy and I noted that Charlie Stross’s only comment was that he was voting ‘no award’ for WoT because he thought the whole series being nominated is unfair. I am ok with that. His opinion is strictly on the book.

    John Scalzi defended Larry… I think John and Larry have a lot of mutual friends
    Patrick Rothfuss and Wil Wheaton defended you. Patrick is pretty damn liberal.

    If you google George RR Martin and Racist he gets attacked constantly. He is all the way to the left.

    I really don’t think this is wide spread in the writer community. I think there are some idiot fans who are trumping this up. Liberals and conservatives get along all the time.

    I think there is a difference between ‘moral equivalence’ and ‘jackass equivalence’. You can be very morale and be a total pain in the ass to be around. I am sure everyone knows perfect honest and morale people that are totally annoying. They might even agree with you politically, but every time they open their mouths its like someone runs their fingers over a chalkboard.

    On the flip side, all hallmark trait of a psychopath is they are very likeable (google this). The likeable psychopath may be fun to have a beer with, but by definition this person doesn’t understand morality. BTW, these articles also say that the vast majority of psychopaths don’t actually hurt anyone.

    I don’t think I’d have any trouble getting along with Larry. I don’t agree with alot of your politics. I don’t see why that matters. There are limitations on this. I have zero tolerance for bigots or racists and wouldn’t support them in anyway. I don’t see Larry as a bigot at all. The impression I get is that he would show them the hand also.

    1. Patrick Rothfuss strikes me as an awfully nice guy who hates to see suffering in the world. I disagree with him on a number of political issues, but he’s not one of those tantrum throwers that gives decent Leftists a bad name.

  13. Nice couple of articles. And I think that they make a good point about points sometimes getting lost. Or people just plain missing them.

    “Sockzooka.” Sorta like the Japanese Mafia for footwear?

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