A letter from John C. Wright

John C. Wright has written an open letter to SFWA. If you are keeping up on the many, many outrages and controversies of the week, I’d recommend reading this.


Instead of friends, I find ideologues bent on jihad against all who do not meekly conform to their Orwellian and hellish philosophy.

Yeah… Ouch. Seriously, read it. Please, keep in mind that this is probably one of the most eloquent, articulate, intelligent voices in genre fiction.


My Hugo controversy makes the USA Today
Utah, it is RINO season!

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  1. From the comments, it looks like Brad Torgersen is also withdrawing from SFWA.

    What does it say about the Hugos that two of this year’s nominees have quit the organization in protest, and most of the rest are engaged in a massive intellectual pillow fight? (Assuming “intellectual” applies to the likes of the social justice warriors, which is debatable.)

    1. Two of this years nominees have quit in protest. I believe one other (Larry) is not, and has not been a member. Another (Vox) was actively booted out in a program, and they won’t even mention his name….

    2. I thought that the Hugos where run by WorldCon, a separate organisation to the SFWA?

      Still the point still stands about the SFWA itself; it’s kind of significant that such a large number of nominees for the Hugos have quit their organisation or been kicked out.

  2. It was a couple of years ago that I quietly let my membership lapse for much the same reasons. No point, for me, in making a big fuss about it because, let’s be frank, who would care?

    But now they’re losing people who do matter and not just Mr. Wright. I remember when a couple of fairly big names quit over a mostly internal matter, but it seems to have been an early warning of things to come.

    1. Ask yourself this question: what percentage of QUILTBAG intersectional feminists do you think exist in America today? Certainly it must under 1%. 1% would be 3.2 million.

      Of the approximately 70 blog posts that went after Malzberg/Resnick during the SFWA bulletin fiasco, about 75% were by QUILTBAG intersectional feminists, and that doesn’t include official bell hooks mascots like Scalzi and Hines. All 7 bloggers that used terms like “old white men” were intersectional feminists.

      If that doesn’t tell you what’s going on, nothing will.

  3. Props for JCW – if we did an “unzip and measure”, he’d definitely have the biggest pen of us all – after all, he uses the word moiety, and for him, it fits.

    Hopefully his and Torgersen’s leaving will signal the start of an exodus. And it seems to have been sparked by the Sad Puppies. Keep up the pressure – the more they respond, the clearer it becomes who they are.

  4. It was a well-written post, free of melodrama and full of harsh reality. And the sad part is that the people who truly need to pay attention to this won’t. They’ll just close ranks and insist that theirs is the only view that’s allowed.

  5. I’ve read most of JCW’s books. He’s exactly who the SFWA should be courting and saying please be in our club.

    That they are doing exactly the reverse is an indication that their purpose is not the promotion of science fiction and its authors, but rather the destruction of SF and its authors.

    It seems a widespread problem in the publishing industry, and the result is that the SF section in all bookstores is shrinking away to nothing. I recall being shocked at the miniscule size of the SF/Fantasy section at the Stanford

    1. I’ve read most of JCW’s books. He’s exactly who the SFWA should be courting and saying please be in our club.

      Unfortunately writing is secondary. The correct ideology is what stands front and center in today’s SFWA.

      1. Agreed. Same goes for the Hugo.

        I see no reason we should let that stand. We’re the audience, the least we can do is cheer the heroes and throw rotten fruit at the SFWA.

        Being a pack of saboteurs should not be a good business model in a free country, maybe we can all arrange for the worst offenders to either smarten up or go stoney broke.

        Tor, I’m looking at you.

      2. Tor is … Weird.

        Their publishing house has a decent cross-over with Baen authors, including some of the ‘conservative’ ones (Weber’s Safehold, Moon, couple others I’m blanking on right now). So that arm is definitely still following the cash.
        But their Tor.com arm is some of the worst offenders for enforcing group-think. There have got to be some amazing internal fights going on there.

      3. Their publishing house has a decent cross-over with Baen authors, including some of the ‘conservative’ ones (Weber’s Safehold, Moon, couple others I’m blanking on right now). So that arm is definitely still following the cash.

        Also most of John C. Wright’s work. 😉 Almost all of his fiction is with Tor, only Awake in the Night Land is with Castilia.

      4. “Their publishing house has a decent cross-over with Baen authors, including some of the ‘conservative’ ones (Weber’s Safehold, Moon, couple others I’m blanking on right now). So that arm is definitely still following the cash.”

        Moon is by no means any kind of conservative. Rather she is a liberal who was convicted of Badthink for suggesting 9/11 and terrorism might have something to do with Islam. Yes, they really took away her Feminist card for criticizing Islam of all things.

        Tor does publish a bunch of right-of-center authors, but Moon is not among their number.

    2. My new official response to this JCW letter is I went and spent $4.50CDN on John’s book bomb. I hate Kindle (quite a lot, really), but it doesn’t matter. Job done.

    3. Peter, Tor used to have Jim Baen at the head of its Scifi/Fantasy department. The cross over is probably a residule of that.

  6. When a sheep leaves the flock, the rest of the herd closes ranks. Good for Mr. Wright.Good for the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre. Bad for SFWA. All of these are positives.

  7. A long time ago, I was told the same thing – to make it in the industry, join the SFWA, get known, etc. I was dubious about this since I did not live either in the US nor was I a citizen of the US living abroad, so I held off – especially as I was just at the time aspiring to write. I grew quietly leery as the years passed, as I learned from here and places elsewhere online that they were not in fact as inclusive nor as tolerant as they claimed to be.

    JCW’s letter, elegant as a rapier and as precise as a bullet in a bullseye, succinctly describes the reason for the unease I’ve been feeling, reading about the Hugo nominations drama and while watching the blood-in-the-water frenzied response. Thank you for the clearly stated words, Mr. Wright.

    (I know this isn’t Mr. Wright’s blog, but this is where I saw the letter mentioned first.)

    1. Not to worry. After reading HARD MAGIC, I am a servile and fawning fan of Larry Correia and now haunt his blog frequently, so I am sure to see your comment. Thank you for the kind words.

      1. John, thanks to Larry you are now a couple bucks richer, I just downloaded “Awake in the Night Land”.

        Least I could do, with you guys sticking your necks out like that.

        Write something else so I can buy it in hardcover. 🙂

        1. While I appreciate the compliment, I have not stuck my neck out in any way that I can see, merely kicked the dust off my sandals.

  8. Important data point: Tor Books is only part-owner of Tor.Com, and doesn’t exercise much day-to-day control. A few Tor editors and authors are bloggers at Tor.Com, but it’s not the “official” house web site.

    I think Tor Books would be wise to clarify this, because a lot of people assume that the opinions of bloggers at Tor.com represent the attitudes of the company. Which, if you’ve ever met Tom Doherty, is highly implausible.

    1. That’s weird…

      You’d think that a company would be interested in maintaining ownership of the website that bears their name and purports to represent them.

    2. I second this. As a Tor writer, I can say that the company has never done anything to indicate anything but support to John or I.

    3. Were I Tor I’d fire everyone at that web site associate and start from scratch. I’d hire people after asking them this question: “Which is most important, fun and art or race and gender? You have 2 seconds to answer.”

      Anyone who stammers doesn’t get hired.

  9. Cheese and Crackers, no I wish I had cheese and crackers. But Since discovering Larry here is yet another Author I am new to that I will spend my money on instead of food. Added you know how long it has been since I went to a movie but couldn’t because I used my money..
    Just kidding not like there has been a movie out in the last few years I wanted to waste money on. If John’s books are half as entertaining as his comments to the “We are not amused” troll then I know I will be a rabid fan of his.

    1. I would like to suggest that you check out the latest Captain America, the winter Solider. it is a fairly solid movie. If you are enjoying Larry’s works, and strong independent thinking characters, it may just speak to you as a movie.

  10. I think Larry has managed to shine a much needed light into a corner left too long in the dark. Fortunately those now exposed did not quietly scurry back into the shadows, but instead shout their inanities to the `web, and tout their virtual Pogrom as the One True Way.
    This leaves them exposed in a way that is now causing even longtime supporters of the organizations they have coopted leaving those organizations. While I might prefer to see such venerable institutions reclaimed by the much broader group that they were first established to represent, it may already be too late. Perhaps it is just as well that my few forays into the field were never accepted by a publication that lasted long enough to print what I had written. I don’t have anything invested except childhood memories of a time when the awards represented some of the best work in the field rather than a particular set of ideas and ideologies.
    Larry Correia has already won this battle.
    Winning the war, however, he can’t do alone. We have to continue to drive towards open discussion, and the free flow of ideas. Someone can disagree, or hold different opinions without being The Enemy. That’s something else I admire about Larry; the only crime on his blog is boring him. He leaves up the dissenting opinions, and even encourages those who are willing to debate rationally to stick around. Left, Right, Center, or somewhere off the charts, all are welcome as long as they act reasonably civilly. This is how the interwebs SHOULD be.
    One would think that within something like SF that spans not just galaxies but innumerable multiverses this would be even more true. Yet a relatively small number of very vocal people are trying to dictate what I should be able to read and even how I should think. This is the sort of behavior I got in to SF&F to get away from.
    With any luck, this little kerfuffle will prove to be enough to at least start bringing things back from the precipice.

  11. I can fully appreciate the war being waged, but I have a question.

    There’s a lot being said about what the SFWA’s mission originally was and should be. Have there been any thoughts or attempts to form an alternative organization? A sort of “return to roots” thing? This would seem an opportune time to do so.

    1. There’s been talk, but not enough momentum has built to start a new group. And (to my knowledge) no one has volunteered to be the point person to do the legal leg work, file the papers, get tax numbers and all the other fun stuff.

  12. Awesome! Can we make a real SFWA now, one that actually does its job and fulfills its stated mission.

  13. On one hand, I don’t like abandoning institutions to ideological takeovers. On the other hand, maybe SFWA is beyond saving. Let it fall, and something better might take its place.

  14. His letter was eloquent and to the point, without specifically attacking any one person. Brilliant, IMHO.

    The troll which showed up soon after followed Larry’s Rule for Arguing on the Internet to the numbers. Sometimes I think people _want_ to find offense so they can circle their wagons to protect… something.

    1. “Sometimes I think people _want_ to find offense so they can circle their wagons to protect… something.”

      I suspect it is to protect their guilty conscience from examination.

      One cannot be a member of a cult that kills half the Black population in the womb, an act of ongoing extermination, and not feel a twinge of conscience. One cannot be a member of the party of Jim Crow and KKK and constant handouts and nancy-welfare condescension without projecting a deep seated racism on all others; or defending, apologizing, excusing and covering up for the atrocities of Red China and Soviet Russia and Jihadist Islam; or being too weak and cowardly to serve in uniform ergo to mock those that do; or to blaspheme God, trample the flag, spit on your own parents and grandparents; glorify sex and drugs while glorifying health food and calling sex exploitation; and, in short, short-circuiting one’s God-given BRAIN with endless doses of paradox and nonsense, without being torn by an inner certainty that you have made a worthless mess of your life.

      That is why these PC creatures are so pathetic. Look at what they have done to themselves. And the cult of self esteem told them they were all be above average, all be winners. They all have to wear a smiley face over an inner junkyard and shambles.

      1. Mr. Wright,

        Do you know if anyone has kept a log of your short comments regarding the left? Honestly, I think you could sell a lot of copies of “The Wit and Wisdom of John C. Wright” as a nice coffee table book.

      2. AndrewV, Vox Day over at Castalia House just is coming out with a collection of my nonfiction editorials and reviews and essays called TRANSHUMAN AND SUBHUMAN.

    2. They want to feel like they’re a victim. Being a legitimate victim pretty much gives you a certain amount of automatic moral superiority. And that’s something that they’re trying to tap into.

      1. To bad they never realize that by empowering yourself to take control of your life and shed the petty victim glasses, You actually gain the power to be strong within yourself, which allows you to truly help other people.

        Instead it’s easier to be seen as a victim of mean people who want them to just grow up and accept some personal damn responsibility.

        And then using the moral authority of quasi victimhood to speak about others who are true victims, as if they really know what it is to be a victim of abuse, or rape, or violence, just confounds me to no end.

        The day the LGBT socio/political movement lost my support was when they equivocated the struggle of the gay man to that of the black man of the 60’s.

        Funny, I must have missed the news story were a bus full of gay people had individuals dragged off, beaten bloody and then the bus lit on fire.

        P.S. the reason the People (there were white folks in there too) of the civil rights movement managed to effect lasting change was because they didn’t see themselves as victims, they saw themselves as soldiers. a subtle, but very important difference.


    I don’t really see how you or Mr. Torgersen had any choice. Though you may not be being targeted as individuals, you are certainly on an informal blacklist because of being white, male, and heterosexual, and therefore responsible for anything any other white, male, and heterosexual has ever done throughout all time and space. When this is turned on its Orwellian head the PC call this “Islamophobia” and “homophobia,” though there is no proof of such a movement within SFF.

    However there is absolute proof of heterophobia, androphobia and a marked disdain for whites and everything they do. I have the quotes and lists of institutions to back that up. On the other hand, if anyone wants to prove me wrong about the a lack of misogyny, homophobia and white supremacy in SFF, you need only provide quotes and a list of institutions that speak to an ideological disdain for non-whites or women such as an analogue to a Tiptree Award for male-centric literature or whites-only “safer-spaces” at SFF conventions. Those quotes and lists of institutions must be broad-based, not one guy.

    I am glad you did not portray this as a lashing out at liberalism, or the Left or even feminism. I do not regard any of those as interchangeable with bigotry – they are Americans I disagree with, but they are Americans – my neighbors. The problem is that, being immersed in anti-oppression movements and narratives, those places make excellent hiding places for bigots in the same way “anti-Zionism” is a hidey-hole for Jew-haters and Confederate War re-enactors complain of infiltration by white supremacists.

    It’s pretty clear in this specific case of the SFF community that a rabid form of QUILTBAG intersectional feminism is in place that has broken off from its egalitarian parents who wanted nothing more than equality before the law and in cultural custom and practice. A worthy goal in my opinion. I want my mother, nieces and sisters to live as expansive a life as possible. But I do not want them to hate me because I am straight, white, and male. That latter is not feminism, it is pure hatred flying under a false flag.

    Anyone looking at the 2013/4 Nebula Awards can see the writing on the wall: the slate is nothing more than a faux-feminist affirmative action initiative that has absolutely nothing to do with literary merit, or even SFF in the case of “Hild.” In terms of promoting or partaking in a genre as literary movement, in my opinion the SFWA is done, finished. When one can change only a few words around and not figure out if quotes are from “Mein Kampf” or a QUILTBAG feminist in search of “social justice,” it’s time to deny that Orwellian use of the term, and call it out for the lie it is. Identity as a moral ethos has come to rule, and principle has taken a deep, dark, dive into the sea.

    Unfortunately, as a straight white male, under the terms of that ethos, one is perpetually wrong, regardless of what one does. The best one can achieve under those circumstances is to bow and become an “ally.”

    “… the knife touched my throat— there was a slight stinging sensation followed instantly by— oblivion.” – The Moon Men, Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    1. The “informal blacklist” is what Mary Robinette Kowal called the “twelve rabid weasels of SFWA” in a post last year. Though I guess it’s only nine now.

      1. Hopefully it’ll soon be zero and then the black feminists can attack the white ones for not keeping it “real” and not speaking truth to power. They’re already starting in on Scalzi, the moron who opened Pandora’s Inadvisable QUILTBAG Fembox. Turns out it had no instruction manual and must be fed when other prey disappears.

      2. Yes. As I said once before, Scalzi has heard the tumbrel rolling up to to his door and seen the tricoteuses gathering in the on-deck circle.

        Tumbrels will play merry hell with a nice lawn.

  16. “Lambda Literary Awards (also known as the ‘Lammys’) are awarded yearly by the United States-based Lambda Literary Foundation to published works that celebrate or explore LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) themes.

    “The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards were created in 1998 by the Gaylactic Network to honor works in science fiction, fantasy and horror which include positive explorations of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered characters, themes, or issues.”

    “Black Science Fiction Society: Home to all things black science fiction”

    “What is the Tiptree Award?… an annual literary prize for science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender.”


    “The Carl Brandon Parallax Award is given to works of speculative fiction created by a self-identified person of color. This Award includes a $1000 cash prize.

    “The Carl Brandon Kindred Award is given to any work of speculative fiction dealing with issues of race and ethnicity; nominees may be of any racial or ethnic group. This Award includes a $1000 cash prize.”


    “The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship enables writers of color to attend one of the Clarion writing workshops”


    Here are more writing awards I can’t win by virtue of my skin color: guess who can? The very people who complain SFF is “exclusionary.” Rather convenient.

    The Hurston Wright Foundation
    Black Writers Alliance Award
    Celebration of Black Writing
    Black Publishers & Writers Awards
    New Voices Award
    The Dickerson-Du Bois Undergraduate Award
    BCALA Literary Award
    Asian American Literature Award
    Coretta Scott King Book Awards
    The Unpublished Writers Award
    Black Mystery Writers Awards
    National Council for Black Studies Writing Award
    AAMBC Literary Awards

    1. The Octavia E. Butler award caught my eye. She graduated from my high school. And since she lived in the community, the school asked her to come talk to us after she managed to start selling novels. She told us about the ideas for some of the stories she’d written. She mentioned that one of them involved a modern-day black woman who traveled back in time and became a slave in the US. She mentioned that she’d realized her protagonist would need to be female because the attitude of the typical modern-day black male meant that he wouldn’t live for very long as a slave.

      Somehow I doubt the people running the award in her name would be very happy if anyone were to bring that up in front of them…

  17. Two new resolutions:

    1. Read more John C. Wright.

    2. Make sure to never make John C. Wright angry with me.

    By Jove, the man has the sharpest pen ever forged and every word it issues is a poisoned arrow.

    1. I once saw a small child plug their ears, close their eyes, and turn their back rather than listen to something they didn’t want to. Ms. Luhrs reaction seems fairly similar. I left a message in her comments to that effect, but unsurprisingly, it didn’t make it through ‘moderation.’

      Also, I don’t know if my machine or not, but your link seems to have been 404’ed.

  18. “The editor of The Radish blog disagreed with John C. Wright’s letter on Twitter”

    How does one disagree with a resignation letter, I wonder? If I say “I quit” and the Radish says “No, you don’t!” or I say, “The atmosphere is too politically correct! I would like all men of good will to stick together!” and he says “No, using ‘men’ instead of ‘person’ is ungoodthink’!”

    1. I’m still goggling over Natalie’s use of “flounce” in Joel’s link. Projecting, much?

      Oh yeah, and she apparently doesn’t like Joel’s _hat._

      What was that you were saying about “perpetually-outraged grey-haired juveniles…?

      Mean Girls. Just a bunch of Mean Girls.


      1. “that editor expect that throwing a tantrum will entice you to stay?”

        I doubt that the editor wants Wright to stay. I suspect it was more a “tantrum” over his reasons for leaving.

      2. I read that Radish thing. It seems to me she’s “dehumanizing the enemy” by dismissing John’s resignation as “flouncing out”.

        She appears to be quite the piece of work. I hope never to meet her in a dark alley.

      3. I hope to meet her in person. You can’t IP ban a dissenting opinion in real life yet. And as long as no assault, or battery occurs, She can only do one of 4 things.

        1.Retreat, I win
        2. Make shit up, accuse, and otherwise use the checklist in real life so those around us can see she’s an idiot. I win
        3. Engage me in actual debate with salient points and provide me witha rousing argument. I win(i love a good, reasoned , argument.)
        4.Mace me, where as i get to press battery charges, and she gets all the publicity of macing someone in real life for disagreeing with her. Again, I win


  19. Wright is supposed to be this evil, hateful guy, and yet all the hate on Twitter is coming from his opponents. ALL of it.

    1. Yeah, and when I first started publicly listing the Ctrl H PC racist anti-racist quotes by Saladin Ahmed and Aliette de Bodard like I’ve done here, Abrahams Tweeted “That man makes me tired just looking at him,” while his buddies laughed me off a some kind of insane white supremacist.

      Ahmed Tweeted “STOP THESE COLORED PEOPLE & THEIR WHITE ACCOMPLICE! (“@scalzi, @nkjemisin, & Saladin Ahmed must be taken in hand.”) ” while Scalzi replied “Oh boy! I get to be an accomplice! @nkjemisin”

      I might remind Abrahams that it was insane white supremacists just like me and my uncles who literally opened the fences of concentration camps because of people who wrote articles about “too Jewish” and that it was Islamic apologists and supremacists who also came to the conclusion that the entirety of N. Africa was too Jewish within my lifetime and booted them all out with little more than the clothes on their backs. It’s not hooks and Ahmed who have Abraham’s back but me. Maybe Abrahams should go to Tahrir Square and ask where all the Jews are and then read the last year of Ahmed’s Twitter stream, which include gems like:

      “Being Muslim means Americans unconsciously link your name to child killers, even as they rationalize killing children with names like yours.” 

      “Think about why you never ask *white* writers whether being *white* affects their writing.” 

      “It’s pretty gross that Back To The Future fantasizes about a white boy inventing rock n’ roll.”

      “Writers Guild of America lists best written TV shows of all time. Every single head writer in the top 50 is white.”

      “If you think numbers re: women’s underrepresentation in science fiction are depressing (and they are), try counting SF writers of color.”

      “Our political system was BUILT to rob Black people and control women.”

      “Calling US conservative misogynists ‘Taliban’ is dumb and racist. They’re products of AMERICAN culture.” 

      America is: “a culture rich in racist stereotypes and xenophobic fear-mongering” 

      “I think it’s practically impossible to overestimate the importance of white supremacy in American. [sic]”

      That’s all Ahmed.

      I’m not surprised Abrahams thinks bell hooks is brilliant. People like Abrahams treat their so-called “PoC” like they’re lucky angelic leprechauns who can do no wrong rather than simply other human beings. He must not get outside very much if he buys into hooks’ ditchwater.

      Anyone who can read Ahmed’s “Is Game of Thrones Too White” and not understand what that is if you put “too Jewish” in there is no one I look up to for wisdom. That is about the simplest comparison a mind kind make, which means the least little abstraction is beyond Abrahams to fathom.

      Abrahams quotes Marcus Aurelius about an “‘offender’s ignorance of what is good and what is evil’” without having the least clue of what that actually means.

      Meanwhile, look! This year’s fun race and gender pie-charts from Strange Horizons. Yaaay!!!


      1. How nice. I think I’m going to make a pie chart showing authors whose names include the letter “Q”, an underprivileged letter if there ever was one. If the proportion is less than 1/26, fear my Twitter wrath!

        Before going over there I made a bet with myself about the author. Yep. Pasty-white English dude, ritzy private school, Magdalen College, Oxford. Definitely someone who’s been Put Down by The Man.

        If he feels that strongly about the issue, why doesn’t he step down as editor and let a “PoC” have his job? I’m sure Mummy and Pater will still send him his allowance.

      2. On Twitter today, one of the worst of the PC, S.L. Huang, complained they had to cancel horseback riding cuz of an injury. That kind of gritty insider knowledge of the dark side of life, considering they went to M.I.T., is a wisdom factory.

        When commiserating about evil Correia on Twitter today with fellow geniuses Natalie Luhrs and Cora Buhlert, Huang wrote about them all becoming kinder, gentler PC anti-racists around their college years, “But most of us were willing to listen & learn.”

        The usual smugness aside, how they did that by relentlessly censoring people will remain a mystery, though not the obviously sad result. I can tell you that in my old neighborhood, anyone who went around talking about “some of us” in a high-handed tone would regularly get kicked in the nuts until they looked like they were walking on stilts, so I believe them when they say they know about oppression.

    2. I’d be happy to see members of the left dial down the rhetoric, and will applaud Mr. Abraham if he does so. Maybe he’s the start of a trend…

      I do need to nitpick with this from the article:

      “I’ve also adopted Marcus Aurelius as one of my intellectual bodyguards. Here’s this guy with the power of a god among men. He was the Emperor of the only superpower of his time.”

      What about the Parthian Empire or the Han Dynasty? Mr. Abraham’s statement is rather… amusing… considering this is a white man who is very upset we do not treat colored authors “better” in SF/F.

      I think it is also quite representative of how little these individuals actually know about the world.

      1. My assumption, because I usually assume the worst of people, is that Abraham doesn’t want to draw any bad attention to himself now that he has that TV deal for Expanse. I think this is the same reason Scalzi toned his shit down too. GRRM as well, actually, who used to be a lot more outspoken.

        Morals are one thing, as long as they don’t fuck up “dat money”

      2. Calling your fans misogynist cis-normative racists who need to examine their privilege and homophobia isn’t exactly a ticket seller. Neither is using Twitter LOL’s to defend anti-white racists who particularly pick on Hollywood.

        Scalzi should put up a full page version of his white privilege post in Variety to boost interest.

      3. “Scalzi should put up a full page version of his white privilege post in Variety to boost interest.”

        I think he should run a commercial on Fox News featuring that bit about “suckling Rupert Murdoch’s withered, reactionary grandpa teats”. Being that he’s a new member of the Fox Family and all that.

  20. That was just awesome, Mr Wright. If they had any shame, they should feel verbally bruised after that.

    Now I’m going to get back to reading Awake in the Night Land while trying to actually sleep after it’s creeped me out. :-p

    1. Apropos of nothing at all, I hear I’m getting a Kindle for my birthday.

      I expect that “Awake In The Night Land” will be the first thing I download to it.

  21. Reading the comments to the open letter is as fun as reading a good fisking by Larry: both were one-sided and the author was the one doing the vanquishing. But whereas Larry’s fisks are like watching a well-deserved beatdown, John’s fisking are like watching an artful dissection. I want a beer when I read Larry’s fisks. I want a fine glass of wine when reading John’s.

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