I'm at SLC ComicCon FanX for the next few days

I’m a guest at FanX for the next few days. http://saltlakecomiccon.com/

Since our last ComicCon was such a huge success we’ve got all the guests. If you can think of a celebrity from sci-fi, they might be there. I get to hang out with Adam Baldwin somewhere other than arguing with people on Twitter. I’ll also admit, I’m going to go all fanboy and try to get my picture taken with Nathan Fillion and Karl Urban. Then I need to see if Edward James Olmos really looks like a thinner version of my dad.

Here are my panels, though I’ve been told that there have been some changes from the draft that is posted online. There is a free ap you can download online too.
12-1 What Inspires Writers
6-7 Vader to Voldermort to Loki, Writers discuss writing bad guys
7-8 How not to be a Red Shirt author: Veteran authors talk about making writing a career.

10-11 Brainstorming for Writers and Artists
12-1 Writing Humor
7-8 RPGs and Writing: How to turn your games into books

2-3 Writing Action Sequences – (i.e. the Larry show)
3-4 Amping up your novel or screenplay with killer characters
5-6 Genre Blending: Mixing and Matching leads to innovative ideas

A Blow has been Struck Against Puppy Related Sadness
Larry F. Correia, International Lord of Hate

22 thoughts on “I'm at SLC ComicCon FanX for the next few days”

  1. Kevin J. Anderson is the only major author signed up so far to attend DallasComicCon on May 16-18. That’s the main con I volunteer at each year – I drive all the way from Houston to the Big D for it. This year, in addition to several big time guests (Shatner! Stan Lee!) there is an entire cast Firefly reunion which is a MAJOR deal. Would LOVE to have you in Dallas! WE HAVE SUCH A GREAT TIME!

  2. Whatever you do, do NOT get a pic with you, Nathan Fillion, and Adam Baldwin together. The internet will implode from all the awesome.

  3. Due to my only brother’s Bachelor party this year, I’ll be at WizardCon in Minneapolis. Any chance you could wander this way? I’d dig out one of my hard copys to get you to sign… or maybe just have you sign my Kindle.

    1. I’ll be in Minneapolis in July doing a signing at Uncle Hugos. That’s my only stop there this year.

      1. I live in Minneapolis, for my sins, and I would definitely come down to Hugo’s to see you and get some books signed. I’m reading Spellbound right now and liking it pretty well.

      2. I’ll have to put it on my calendar. I try to avoid crossing the Red… but sometimes there are good reasons 🙂

  4. OMG Karl Urban! Okay, so I’d go all fan-girl on Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion too. If I got to take a picture with any of them, though, I’d probably need to stand on a box.

  5. Schedule conflict:
    Hugo finalists to be announced at 8:30 BST, 1:30 MDT(IIRC), Saturday. Just before your 1st panel. So much for the liveblogging I’d hoped for! 😛

  6. Two things, though both are OT:

    1) When I heard there was a series called “Monster Hunter” I thought it would be related to the video game, but alas it is not. But I have enjoyed reading your blog and your no-nonsense attitude. It reminds me of another blogger named Sean Malstrom, who mostly talks about the business of video games, and has a similar viewpoint as you do: the goal of the writer/artist/game developer is to entertain the customer. I bought MHI and plan on reading it soon.

    2) In International Lord of Hate post you coined my new favorite phrase: Space Caliphate. I hope you use it more in the future, or even write a story featuring the Space Caliphate. Perhaps Dune had it right by having a culture with Arabic/Muslim influences 20,000 years into the future. If our Leftist buddies keep encouraging ANYTHING that is anti-Western tradition, that’s probably where we’re headed.

      1. I think the point of Dessert Called Peace is that there wouldn’t be a “Space Caliphate”, or at least that’s what the Earthers are banking on. Though, a Caliphate on another planet is certainly the goal.

        I’ve got mixed feelings about the Carrera books. I think I’m enjoying them more the further we get from similarities to Earth-now. However, the sex is a bit distracting, and occasionally disturbing, which harms my enjoyment.

  7. Considering your International Lord of Hate status, how could you possibly be on a panel discussion titled Genre Blending: Mixing and Matching leads to innovative ideas? How is it possible for that panel to progress with anything other than your burning on the stake… unless it is possible that you aren’t the scourge of literature that you have been labelled? Is it possible that you had an opinion other than 1) GUNS and 2) UH-Merika? In all honesty, how did that panel go? Were you attacked, or was it productive?

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