Last minute Hugo slate thoughts

I still haven’t decided what to put for my last few categories.

It was pointed out to me that the MHIRPG could be considered Best Related Work. I’ve got no idea if a game book counts or not, but it is pretty awesome, and it is related, so why the heck not. So best related work Monster Hunter International Role Playing Game by Hero Games.

People have asked about my shorts and novellas, I’m not pushing any of those because I’m supporting somebody else in those categories. I just want Warbound in there to piss people off. 🙂

Paul Genesse is pushing Karen Bovenmyer’s story from Crimson Pact 5 (available in the links to the right because I’ve got a story in there). Paul edited it. It is called Failsafe. I heard that she just barely missed the Nebula ballot.

The last few days I’ve been slammed and have had a bunch of author friends contact me to suggest things. I just wish they would have sooner, so I’d have had more time to read and think about them.

The Drowning Empire, Episode 50: Shogun Wedding
My Hugo Slate

8 thoughts on “Last minute Hugo slate thoughts”

  1. I think the MHI RPG is a much more appropriate “Related Work” than my album, since I don’t think anything musical has ever been nominated.

    But if you want to read another novelette to consider, I’ll send you a copy of “What is a Warrior Without His Wounds?” out of the July issue of ASIMOV’S.


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