The eARC for Monster Hunter Nemesis is available now!

Here you go, direct from Baen: ย

The book will actually release in July. For those of you not familiar with how eARCs work, they are Electronic Advanced Reader Copies. Meaning that they are the things that go out to reviewers and buyers. They aren’t fully edited yet. This is the book as it stands when I turn my draft in to the publisher before there is any copy editing.

So if you are truly hard core, you can get the book several months early, and as an added bonus see all my typos. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the kind of crap authors have to put up with
The Drowning Empire, Episode 49: The Hunt is On

61 thoughts on “The eARC for Monster Hunter Nemesis is available now!”

  1. Every time Larry releases a new book, somewhere a liberal publisher’s head explodes.

    Larry, write faster!

    Plus, I get to read something fun. Money well spent. Yay!

  2. I think you mean eCRACK.

    Baen: “Hey, we’d like you to spend money on a book you’ve already pre-ordered in hardback, but it’s of worse quality and electronic.”


      1. Finished reading it. No battleaxes, but something very close… and it is every bit as awesome as I expected it to be.

  3. I’m just curious about one thing…do you want feedback prior to publication?
    Typos, missing punctuation or words, etc?

    1. Nope. What happens is that I then get 200 emails from people telling me the same typos. It becomes a massive, tedious, slog of going through dozens and dozens of messages, most of which are about things that I’ve caught since, or the copy editors will fix.

      1. One bit of non-grammatical related feedback; I was really looking forward to seeing what exactly happens when either Michael or one of the combat exorcists directly encountered a Nemesis soldier.

        I’m guessing that it’s not likely to be pretty and somebodys going out in a pile of goo either way…:-)

  4. Do your eARC sales go towards earning out your advance, or are they treated completely separately for paying you purposes?

    1. It all counts. I’m not worried about earning out though. I’ve never had a book not earn out during the first royalty period. It is a good problem to have. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I usually end up with the earc and a hard copy. There are only a few writers I enjoy enough to share and a paper book is much easier to share.

  5. But will it provide a progressive positive message of the empowerment of the marginisation of neglected minorities and embrace a holistic message of outreach to the downtrodden stereotypes and enable them to overturn the inherent social injustices suffered by their kind : ie does Agent Franks get to shoot lots of stuff? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ” ie does Agent Franks get to shoot lots of stuff? :)”?

      Yep, and he does some hand-to-hand smashing as well. [Grin]

  6. Part way in already. The revelations about Franks! omg! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    This kind of stuff really plays into the bigger picture well and greatly adjusts how I think about the character.

  7. EARCs are before proofreading, but are they before more substantial editing like the technical corrections from Reader Force Alpha mentioned not long ago?

    1. This is pre technical corrections, but none of those changed anything major. They were more layout of certain vehicles or specific effect of certain devices.

  8. Got mine! As far as typos go it seems that most ebooks are full of errors. I figure at some point in the process they must go through some word processor and it seems like spell/grammar check would fix most of it, but what do I know. Anyway-Hail, hail MHI!!!.

  9. Y’know, it’s both a blessing and a curse to be a fast reader…you get to absorb the story that much more quickly but then you have that much longer to wait for the rest of the story!!!

    Loved it, Larry! Great revelations about Franks and interesting views into the forces moving into position behind the scenes

  10. Got mine up finally, so going to get this one… And I KNOW there will be less editing required… ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Larry!

  11. I’m so stoked! I’m gonna finish listening to Nemesis, I started listening to the series again for my 3rd time. Can’t wait to learn more about Franks!

  12. Thank god. I was at the same point Weerd Beard was. If I’d known who, I’d have blown them behind a Wendy’s to get this book.

  13. Wow.

    It really says something when the eagerly-awaited fan-favorite Monstergeddon cage match (No DQ, Last Thing Standing) …

    *Isn’t* the climactic battle of the book. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Although I do find the final boss fight to be extremely satisfying. So we’re now into the ending of Empire Strikes Back territory of another one?

  14. So Franks has his first estate back. Now I really have to wonder what will happen the next time Franks encounters Milo, because, well, I don’t think He is all that interested in losing this particular lamb _again_, not after doing some so expedient as using threats to the Plan to provide a chance to redeem someone who ought to have been beyond redemption.

  15. I just finished reading it and it was worth every penny.

    Any idea how many books will be in this series?

    Can you tell us how many copies have sold so far?

  16. The book came out as advertise as in extremely awesome. The plot explained a lot on the why of the Las Vegas bloodbath and the aftermath on two particular monsters, Franks and in small measure, Heather. On the next book, I want Owens, Earl and the rest of the gang not only rescue their two missing team mates from whatever dimension they are from, but to see Management the Dragon helping out our heroes with everything at his disposal. I hope the STFU give Heather her PUFF exemption and Franks to see his descendants helping him out.
    The ending was extremely gratifying but the last three pages takes the cake. Well done, Larry, Well done.

  17. Great Book, Larry! I love how you begin to tie in theology into the stories. Franks’ character filled out wonderfully once the context of his genesis was introduced. This series started out as a fine little frolic into hack and slash fantasy candy and morphed into a much deeper, richer exploration of characters, motives and morality.

    Please keep up the very good work and congratulations on a job very well done!

  18. Awesome book, especially with grant’s and franks’ character growth. But feel like these last 2 novels have been sideshows, important ones insofar as storytelling goes, but side shows nonetheless. Can’t wait for the next owen/mhi center book.

    1. Ah but these “sideshows” are important pieces of the puzzle- Larry has been building towards Monster Hunter Omega since book one and when he gets there he’ll reveal the full thing and it just wouldn’t be the same if you were missing a couple of the corner pieces… ;D

  19. Bought it, read it! GREAT job fleshing out Franks (heh). Teased an MHI-fan buddy with some mini-spoilers that left him so confused he bought his first eARC. Namely:
    Franks considers how ’emo’ he is…
    Franks cries…
    Franks spends the night in a hotel suite with a beautiful ex girlfriend… Leaving out what he stabs Earl with in the interest of taste, at the expense of humor.

  20. Larry, back in September 28 2012, you mentioned charity auction for getting red shirted by Franks. Now that I have the eARC in my grabby paws, who are the lucky winner to get kill by our hero?

    1. I actually don’t remember which one it was now. I had a master list when I started and got everybody but two from the MHIRPG in it and they’ll be in the next.

      1. As a repeat paying customer (will pick up the regular edition plus the audio book version), I must say this book probably top out in terms of mayhem and on-page death. I think your previous champ is either Monster Hunter Alpha (snowplow of death) or Warbound. The difference here being that our ‘hero’ truly enjoy doing the Lord’s Work in his own way.

  21. Finished it. Not many typos that I noticed. I’ll assume you already have a list and don’t need my input on that. Great read, loved the story. My only real problem with the book is that now I’ll probably have to wait another 2 years for the next one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Your books are very fun to read. I like that you avoided the dreaded info dump chapter and had Franks explain his history before the actual chapter. I’m sure there’s an actual term for the pre-chapter chapter but I’m sure you know what I mean. You used the same space to great effect in the Grimnoir books. Keep it up. How many more before you wrap this ARC up? Don’t you date pull a Wheel of Time on us!

  23. When will you do the book tour? Hopefully you come to Long Island again. The last time you came you mentioned the scene where Owen commented that the astronomical PUFF wasn’t worth anything if you were dead.

    The tattoo is a great touch.

  24. Sooo much testosterone! My two year old sprouted chest hair just walking by while I read!

    I agree with the sentiment of wanting more word count dedicated to the combat exorcists, and echo the question about how many more books?

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