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    1. I like how all my Czech covers are this sort of bad ass, balls to the wall, big 80s, don’t give a crap, Heavy Metal style. Then you look at my German cover and it is all suited up, understated, and classy. Then my French covers are this retro-cool, stylized artistic look. It says a lot about different target audiences. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I think the standard reply should be, does the cover help push more reader to buy the book? Nowaday, I only buy ebook anyway due to the versatility of the format (hey, I have a very long commute, so I read in between traffic jam and everywhere). So bosom-babe cover never bother me anymore.

      2. I’m gonna suggest at least a good blog post to compare and contrast some of the multi-lingual awesomeness of the different covers, if it hasn’t been done already.

    2. That there is the Zipper Buster 2000 Armor. That is an upgrade over the ZB 1000 in that you don’t know which zipper will break first… the female’s in the story, or the male observer’s.

      1. The Leggy Love Monster #4

        I guess Czech air ambulances are green, blue and purple.

        Julie’s not in armor; that’s the undershirt that wicks away the sweat. The armor’s in the chopper. The undershirt is black because you don’t want to accidentally flash white during a wardrobe malfunction. The high collar is to get that nasty neck sweat wicked away. It’s flat desert with miles of visibility and it’s so hot that the rain is evaporating before it hits the ground (virga). Super hot and humid. The cloud cover means she can open up the front zipper to shed more heat without a sunburn.

        She’s modest, but it’s only Skippy, who is a great guy, but he doesn’t lust for humans. Skippy’s fully armored up because he’s hardcore and from Uzbekistan, so this is normal weather for him.

        It’s hot and the threat level doesn’t justify it wearing full body armor, or Skippy would be holding something shooty too. Heatstroke will slow your reactions or kill you by itself. Julie is dressed very sensibly for the situation.

        Show me cleavage and I can justify *anything*.

    1. Me too, I was wondering why a Czech novel would have an English language title, and what the hey the novel could be.

      Great cover, I’d sure pick it up and look it over.

    1. You don’t vote democrat or live in San Francisco do you? Otherwise, you should be fine. Threat before distraction and all that.

  1. Cool artwork. Baen ought to consider hiring the Czech illustrator to do the covers for Larry’s US releases, actually.

    The fact that the over-the-top combination of militarism and sexiness is enough to cause Scalziite heads to explode is a bonus. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. It’s a woman with a shotgun… how is that possibly sexist? As for the cleavage, I thought the feminist movement was all about women feeling comfortable in their own skins. “Liberation” and all that jazz…

    1. It only counts as feminist when the feminists say it does.

      Remember, a woman attending a slutwalk in support of sluttiness is a good thing. But calling a woman a slut shows that you’re an insensitive chauvinist pig (unless you’re a woman, of course, which is apparently statistically more likely; that shows that you’re annoyed that she’s hanging out with a guy that you’ve got your eye on).


      1. Ah. That’s right. I was forgetting that only feminists are allowed to define, uh, hold on… Turns out I can’t define it, because I’m not a feminist.

        Is there a rulebook somewhere? I’d like to borrow it.

        1. An opportunity for lots of women to parade around wearing “slut” signs and slutty clothing in broad daylight in an effort to demonstrate that sleeping around is nothing to be ashamed of. Oh, and it’s a response to a cop who once told them that dressing like sluts and walking alone, half drunk, through town in the middle of the night was a good way to get raped.

          Because walking in large groups, in broad daylight, cold sober, in front of hundreds of onlookers is *exactly the same*…

      2. Hey, now! If you say, “Don’t go into that valley! It’s full of rattlesnakes!” You’re just victim blaming, OK? We all need to be more SUPPORTIVE!

      3. Now, CombatMissionary, that was completely unfair to rattlesnakes.

        Slutwalks are yet another product of the left’s inability to grasp that not only is reality a harsh mistress, but she doesn’t recognize safe words.

        A woman should be able to dress (or un-dress, as the case may be) however she chooses and still retain the right to not be raped. However, if she does opt to kit herself out like a $10 whore, she does waive the rights:

        * not to be ogled
        * not to be propositioned
        * not to be called an idiot
        * not to be called a slut

        There was a whole earlier thread about how the way a man looks/dresses determines how others view and react to him. Same thing applies to women, though the slutwalkers don’t want to accept that. (They also don’t want to accept that if you have sex with a lot of men, you’re a slut — that’s what the word means. They don’t like being called sluts, but they’re not willing to stop /being/ sluts.)

      4. Funny, my daughter once came home from school and talked about how her class had a lesson on not judging people based on appearances. “Isn’t that great, dad?”
        “Well, it depends. You know daddy worked as a cop for a while, right? We shouldn’t judge people based on their skin color. But what if a guy talks, dresses and acts like a violent gang member? Am I wrong to judge him and conclude that he probably is?”
        “You’re right. If I presume that people who look and act like violent thugs are really warm and cuddly, I could end up dead. So we shouldn’t judge people based on their skin color. But people are free to choose how they present themselves to the world. They’re NOT free to choose how the world will react to their appearance and what judgments the world will make.”

        My daughter understands this. How come feminists don’t? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. It’s liberating for women to be hookers, porn stars and exotic dancers. It’s sexist for men to use the services of said hookers, porn stars and exotic dancers. Sandra Fluke is simply fighting for the future. In the future, the government will pay women to be hookers, porn stars and exotic dancers, and men WON’T be allowed to take advantage of their services. We mustn’t pollute the rites of femigyny moon worship, you know. We should just support them with our tax dollars.

      Sorry, did that come of as CISmale gendernormative fascism?

      1. And I thought they were already supported by the non-tax dollars of men purchasing their services. I have so much to learn, master CombatMissionary.

        Anyway, these hookers, porn stars and exotic dancers of the future will be for female eyes and use only? Or will gays be allowed into these service establishments? I just need to know… for, uh, science, and possibly a lifestyle change in the future…

      2. Well, as a purely academic exercise… by the time this comes to pass, I’m guessing you can be very vague about how non-cismale you are. But if there’s any evidence of cismale blasphemy, then you’ll be running the gauntlet, so to speak. Or trial by fire. Maybe it would be that eunuch test from Mel Brooks’ ‘History of the World.’ The one that got Gregory Hines in so much trouble.

  3. Babe with a big… superstructure, a Hind attack helicopter and assorted shotguns, that’s some serious sexist action right there.

    Larry, you have to find a way to work a chain-mail bikini into the next book. It just has to be done.

    1. A Red Sonja cosplayer at a sci-fi/fantasy convention? I think I have a vague recollection of seeing one of those at Anime Expo a decade or so ago (bit of a surprise, actually, since chain mail bikinis tend to be a more Western thing).

      In a fictional novel, she could be an amateur. Or she could be a professional whose presence is supposed to promote an upcoming “barely clad female warrior in a fantasy setting” movie.

    1. This depends on if you’re not wearing a bit underneath it…which is what you’re s’posed to do, even if you’re going to rock a skimpy barbarian woman outfit. >:-D

  4. Nope we didn’t get the memo, we are here to enjoy your high-octane action. And you’ve started to build up quite the following here. Not like Mr. Weber, who was even here year before last at the biggest convention, but you have spent less time writing your books.
    Anyway, looking forward picking “Lovci monster Legie” from my bookstore and trying to get some more people to start to read your books. I just don’t have enough people to talk about your series yet.
    Thank you, Mr. Correia.

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