Next Book Bomb, tomorrow! Freehold special edition

Our next Book Bomb is tomorrow. I know, short notice, but I’m not the one who organized this one.

Most of you know Mike Z. Williamson. He’s our resident militant libertarian who jumps in on all the good online arguments. His first novel was Freehold, and I know a lot of you have read it. Well, Freehold is being rereleased in a special signed hardcover edition for the 10th anniversary.

So tomorrow a bunch of us are going to Book Bomb it!


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7 thoughts on “Next Book Bomb, tomorrow! Freehold special edition”

  1. I’ll certainly pick up another copy of Mike’s book, but if you can stomach a whiny question from a geeky fanboy, I _really_ want a couple of patches. why won’t you sell them to me?

    Seriously, though, I’d like to pick up an MHI and Team Haven patch, but the “Buy Stuff” link is still essentially a deader.

    1. We’ve got a Shopify page ready to go, but we’re wrapping up all the KS orders first. That’s taking longer than expected because we got shorted 200 coins. As soon as those are all fulfilled we’ll put everything back up for sale.

      1. thanks for the update; I just bought a new “contractor cap” and the velcro is in need of adornment. A surprising number of UA’s business faculty are put off by my gunnie hats and my f*ck cancer t-shirt.

  2. Funny story: Freehold was my first introduction to Baen and hard scifi in general. Saw one of Weber’s books at cafe and went to try to find it at a book store. Turns out Weber is close to Williamson and when I couldn’t find the book I was looking for I picked up Freehold. And the rest is history.

    Long story short: Freehold hell yeah!

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