Today’s the Big Day! 4 New Correia Books on!

That’s right everybody, I’ve got 4 new books on today!

I do pretty good in regular books, but man, if I could do in books what I do in audio, holy moly, that would be sweet. I’d live in a house made of solid gold bars like the lady who writes Twilight. 🙂  But anyways, I’m really popular in audiobook format, so has been nice enough to do an audio version of every long work I’ve published so far.

I’ve not even gotten to listen to any of these yet. You guys can beat the author to his own stuff!

Up first is Dead Six. This is a thriller written by me and Mike Kupari, and narrated by the amazing Bronson Pinchot, who also read my Grimnoir Chronicles and did a fantastic job.

Michael Valentine, veteran and former member of an elite private military company, has been recruited by the government to conduct a secret counter-terror operation in the Persian Gulf nation of Zubara. The unit is called Dead Six. Their mission is to take the fight to the enemy and not get caught. Lorenzo, assassin and thief extraordinaire, is being blackmailed by the world’s most vicious crime lord. His team has to infiltrate the Zubaran terrorist network and pull off an impossible heist or his family will die. When Dead Six compromises his objective, Lorenzo has a new job: Find and kill Valentine. As allegiances are betrayed and the nation descends into a bloody civil war, Lorenzo and Valentine must face off. Two men. Two missions. Only one will win.

Then there is Swords of Exodus, the sequel to Dead Six, same writers, same narrator.

On the far side of the world, deep in former Soviet Central Asia, lies a stronghold called the Crossroads. It is run with an iron fist by a brutal warlord calling himself Sala Jihan. He is far more than a petty dictator, for Jihan holds the fate of nations in his grasp. To save a world slipping into chaos, Jihan must either fall or be controlled.

One secret military organization called Exodus plans to see that this happens. For this mission, they need the best of the best. Unfortunately the man they need is rotting in an almost unassailable foreign prison.

Enter Lorenzo, thief extraordinaire. Lorenzo is now retired, happily married and living in paradise. His Achilles heel: an FBI-agent brother who has gone missing – disappeared into the stronghold of warlord Jihan. Exodus promises to give Lorenzo his chance to rescue his brother if and only if Lorenzo will perform one service for them: break Michael Valentine out of a captivity from which no one has ever emerged alive.

And if Lorenzo can accomplish that – well then, the Crossroads awaits the sword of Exodus.

These two are my least well known Baen novels, and I think that is mostly because they are shelved over in the fiction section with the military thrillers, while all my other stuff gets its own little section in sci-fi/fantasy. (One key to success is be prolific enough that bookstores end up giving you your own little section of shelf. It makes you look like you know what you are doing!) I’m excited for them to be on Audible, because no shelving! 🙂 I’m really proud of these two so I look forward to them getting in front of a bigger audience.

Regular readers know that I am a mini painter and gamer. I love Warmachine. When the Warmachine guys found out, they asked me if I would be interested in writing some stories set in their universe. Hell yeah!

Into the Storm was a lot of fun to write.

A knight of Cygnar follows a strict moral code. His integrity is beyond reproach. He holds himself to the highest standards whether dealing with friend or foe. And he values honor above all.

The year is 606 AR, and Cygnar has been sorely pressed by its enemies both at home and abroad. In Caspia, the conflict with the Protectorate is about to erupt into full war with the looming invasion of Sul. The Cygnaran military is desperate for soldiers with the skill, strength, and bravery to take up the devastating galvanic weaponry of the new Storm Division. In this climate, every soldier is valuable, even those fallen from the honor expected of a Storm Knight. A group of such men – thieves, drunkards, and worse – comprise the Sixth Platoon. All they need is someone to lead them.

Lieutenant Hugh Madigan, a peerless warrior knighted during the reign of deposed King Vinter IV, has spent years in obscurity, punished for his loyalty to the former king. Now he has been ordered back to the front and given command of the Sixth, his task to turn a platoon of miscreants into elite soldiers fit to be called Storm Knights. Time is short, and war is coming. One way or another, Lieutenant Madigan must lead his men into the storm….

You don’t need to be familiar with the Warmachine world to get into this. Just think Dirty Dozen of knights armed with mad science lightning swords and steam powered battle robots invading a city full of religious fanatics.  This one is narrated by Ray Porter, who I have never worked with before, but I’m really excited to see what he did with it because the stuff he’s done for my friend Jonathan Maberry’s work is fantastic.

Then there is Instruments of War.

This is the first story that I wrote for Privateer Press, and it was a challenging assignment. I was asked to write the origin story for one of the most infamous characters in the game, somebody who everyone else would think of as a horrific villain, who comes from a culture that makes Klingons look like peace loving hippies. This is a society based on achievement through struggle, a weird violent honor code, and magic based on pain.

Holy moly, I had a good time with it.

Makeda , Supreme Archdomina of House Balaash, is known throughout the Iron Kingdoms for her leadership of the mighty Skorne Empire, but it was not always so… Before the coming of the Skorne Empire into the west, Makeda was little more than the second child of a great house, but through her will, determination, and adherence to the code of hoksune, she rose above all others.

For the first time the secrets of both Makeda and her people are revealed in the tale of their epic struggle for honor and survival in Instruments of War. A novella of the Iron Kingdoms.

This one is narrated by Gabra Zackman and it is the first time I’ve worked with her. She’s done a bunch of Mercedes Lackey’s books.  I’m really excited to hear what she’s done with it.

If you are new to Audible, I would really recommend getting a membership. You accumulate credits that you can use to purchase books, and it makes them pretty affordable. Audiobooks are pricier than paperbacks, but you can’t paint minis while reading a paperback, and it is really frowned upon while you are commuting to work. 🙂

As an author I absolutely love listening to a dramatic narration of my work. It is my favorite way to go back and reread my own stuff before writing the next one in the series. See, when you write a book, by the time you get done editing it, you’ve really read it like seven or eight times. So it can feel like work when you go back to reread your own stuff, but listening to somebody else put their own spin on it is fantastic.

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33 thoughts on “Today’s the Big Day! 4 New Correia Books on!”

  1. Speaking of…
    When (roughly) is the next in the Dead Six series coming out?
    I needs me some resolution to that cliffhanger. (You bleepard.)

  2. Having enjoyed Hard Magic on Audible and learning that Dead Six would be performed by Bronson Pinchot, well, that made it a must buy. So far, it’s lived up to it. (For those thinking I’m damning with faint praise, it hasn’t been out for 21 hours yet. You can’t breeze through audiobooks…)

  3. I didn’t realize that your milfic stuff was shelved with the Clancys. B&N seems to put Ringo’s milfic stuff in the scifi section, which I find amusing as heck.

    I have enjoyed your MHI and Grimnoir stuff a lot, so thanks!

  4. I’m one of your hard-core audiobook “readers”- though the husband is a kindle reader so lately we’ve been getting your books in two formats. How’s that for sales numbers?

    Anyway, he just finished Dead Six and recommended it to me… so off to spend an audible credit I go…

  5. Totally not about the audio books, but I don’t see a recent post about this so:

    The MHI Challenge coins and a lighter showed up in the mail last night. They’re even more impressive in person than they were in the pictures, and the zippo is awesome beyond words. My husband is now trying to plot ways to put the coins in a case where both sides of the coins can be seen. Thanks for doing that amazing kickstarter.

  6. Apparently they decided to delay Swords of Exodus a week. Which works for me because it gives me a week to listen to Dead Six, which I haven’t re-read since it came out.

    1. Larry, I’ve been waiting for more on audible. Oh good! I get to fall asleep to your writing again. Bonus on it being Bronson Pinchot! I broke down and started reading Deep Six after Con-stellation. Sadly, like most my ebooks it’s still not finished. I just used a credit last night on something else, I didnt know they were coming out today. No worries, they will be mine and although I don’t usually review books I’ll be sure to leave a good one. I really enjoyed talking to you at both cons last year. I hope we will meet again in the future. I am one happy listener! Looking forward to next MHI novel.

  7. Just used my last 2 credits to buy Dead Six and Into the Storm on Audible last night at Midnight. I started to listen to Into the Storm last night. Ray Porter is one of my favorite narrators. I was happy to hear you got him for one of your books. I already have all your MHI and Grimnoir series on Audible as well. I’ve already listened ro MHI 6 times. Oliver Wyman is the best narrator on Audible in my opinion.

  8. Hi Larry, I’m blind and therefore the only way for me to enjoy books is via audio!!! And i’m soooo happy that Audible let me into your books! I’ve heard all the narrators whom were picked to read the 4 books listed above and they are outstanding. As far as your previous books are concerned, Brandon Pinchot is really stunning! He truly gives a life and embodies the characters to perfection! He gives them life, a soul, etc… His narrating is very curious because his voice is softer than other narrators when reading. It takes some getting used to at first, but after a few minutes, your words truly take a life of their own in his mouth! So I’m extremely curious to read these 4 books and soon!!!

    1. Bronson has been amazing, but I’ve been lucky in that all four of my narrators have been extremely professional to work with. And the marketing people at Audible are great as well.

  9. Larry, any chance you can post audio samples to your books and links on your page too? This would hook many more in and they would buy books too. So that gold bar castle (They are notoriously hard to insulate and keep warm btw, but you can always toss another Hippie on the fire. If that gets out of hand, just keep a bucket of Liberal Tears handy to put it out, or sweeten your coffee. )

  10. Dead Six and SoE on audio? Sweet! Don’t know why those get so little coverage. I got sucked into Dead Six in about five minutes. I read SoE in one night.

    Going to have to grab those even though I’ve got the books. My son hasn’t read those yet due to college studies and we’ve got some long trips together coming up soon.

    Man, Bronson Pinchot. That’s a name I haven’t heard since the 80s. 🙂

    1. If you haven’t heard of Bronson Pinchot since the 80’s, that means you haven’t heard the Grimnoir Chronicles yet. that’s a definite MUST HEAR! I hadn’t heard his name before I heard him perform the Grimnoir Chronicles.

      1. It’s not exactly in the MHI category, but check out The Hero’s Guide audiobooks for a good chuckle if you enjoy Bronson’s work. I only discovered those books by searching for Bronson after listening to Hard Magic.

  11. So have to agree with you Larry about the reading the book so many times as you write and edit it.
    On the bright side it gives incentive to write a good story because you don’t want to drive yourself insane.

  12. Mr. Correia, I just started Instruments of War. Being a “sunny outlook” kind of reader who’s a fan, a Cygnar book was an easy sale for me (its next), but I was skeptical about a Skorne protagonist. I just don’t enjoy a book if I can’t pull for someone.

    Well, I like her. She’s a kind of bad that I can, within context, respect. The code, and her understanding of it, helps create a character I can root for. That’s a pretty nifty piece of work.

    I’ve understood that Dead Six has several “bad” protagonists, and it’s kept me distant. However, Instruments of War has sold me on the first Dead Six book, convincing me that even it it isn’t my cup of tea, it would be worth it to trust you to give me someone to root for.

    PS: I would enjoy if you did a blog post someday on “codes of honor”. I see them enough in your work that I suspect you have a genuine interest in the concept.

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you like it.

      Oooooh, character codes of honor and writing different shades of morality while not turning off readers would make a great Ask Correia. 🙂

    2. After having just finished Dead Six last night, I can safely say that you shouldn’t have any problems rooting for any of the protagonists.

      You might describe the characters as a mix of the Punisher, the crew from Oceans 11 and maybe a little bit of Assassin’s Creed. They have elements of all of that while still coming across as original and engaging.

  13. I discovered this morning that listening to Hard Magic on audiobook is a great way to pass the time at work. It made the time fly and hardly seem like work. Bronson does a great job with his voices and accents. Each character sounds totally different.

    Got Dead Six, the MHI books, Into the Storm, and Spellbound waiting next.

  14. Finished Into the Storm on audible yesterday. You couldn’t have asked for a better narrator for that book. Ray porter is one of the best in the business, bar none. I’ve listened to all of your audiobooks, other than dead six(on my wish list), and they’ve all been really great. I just know if there are going to be any follow up or prequel novel to Into the Storm, I really really enjoyed it and would love more of it. Either way, keep up the great work and you’ll continue to get my business.

  15. *looks around at all the books since MHI*

    Man, have I got some catching up to do…

    While Warmachine is cool, nothing can peel me away from my first love, Warhammer 40,000.* And I would pay in blood to read some Larry Correia 40k stuff. Dan Abnett’s good, but I want more!

    *Except maybe Tomorrow’s War. Or In Her Majesty’s Name. Or…

  16. I enjoy reading mostly because the movie/audio that plays in my head when I read is pretty good- most movies and almost all reading is less good than my own imagination.

    On the other hand I have gotten people to enjoy more via books on tape; it will bring in people who could not appreciate it any other way. I think it’s a wonderful idea and I am very glad it brings you a good income.

    You keep writing, we’ll keep reading. And thanks.

  17. Hi Larry,

    I’ve long since been hooked on the audio books for the MHI and Grimnoir series and have just finished Dead Six.

    Someone seriously needs to send a movie contract your way NOW! :o)

    All of your narrators have been amazing; but, at least in Dead Six, Bronson Pinchot has really outdone himself. If you haven’t heard him voice Big Eddie yet, well… I don’t know how you envisioned his voice, but Bronson really brings the crazy to life with his performance. The man’s voice must have hurt for a while after that. :o)

    I can’t wait until after midnight when I can finally download Swords of Exodus. This series is every bit as addicting as your other ones and I can’t wait for more of all of them.

    Btw, I know you’ve said that you get the most money for your sales with physical copies bought through Amazon (especially when following the link on your site). Do you get any more money if we buy the kindle versions from the amazon site and then buy the discounted Audible version? This can often be cheaper than spending a credit or buying extra credits.

    1. Thanks.

      Anything you buy through the Amazon links, I get an advertising refferal bonus, which is nice, but honestly you should buy it however it makes you the happiest.

      1. If I can increase my happiness while also providing the most support possible to it’s source, I consider that a bonus :o)

    2. Dead Six (and soon, Swords of Exodus) is a rarity for me on Correia books. I’m listening to them first before reading. I’m glad to have the proper mental image of Big Eddie before reading. Seriously, Big Eddie is a whole ‘nother level of crazy you’ve created.

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