Time is almost up for SAD PUPPIES 2: Rainbow Puppy Lighthouse the Huggening!

This is it everybody, your final chance to combat Puppy Related Sadness (PRS) is now! Only you can help support your favorite authors get a Hugo nomination, rather than literati message fic, so pretentious and boring that it is the leading cause of PRS. When a really crappy book gets a Hugo nomination, that is what it sounds like… when doves cry.

But you must register before the end of January! Go here to buy your supporting membership. http://www.loncon3.org/memberships/ For just $40 you can register to nominate and vote in the Hugos, and if you ACT NOW they usually throw in an eBook voter packet with all of the nominated works from the different categories so you can actually read the nominees and then vote intelligently. (unless you are a typical WorldCon voter, and then you just autovote for whoever is most popular to your clique, obviously). Sure, many of these works will suck, but it is still more valuable than the cost of the membership.

What is a typical WorldCon voter? Well, I’m glad you asked, but that’s tomorrow’s blog post. 🙂

Also, I’ve heard many people say that they haven’t registered because they believe that PRS is an unstoppable epidemic… But this isn’t the case. Nine out of ten veterinarians agree* that the people who already bought supporting memberships as part of Sad Puppies 1 WILL BE ABLE TO NOMINATE AGAIN THIS YEAR with no extra cost. They don’t need to register before the end of January, and they can nominate for the next few months. Since we almost succeeded in wiping out PRS last year, all we need is a little more help to put us over the top.  MHL missed the final 5 by only 17 votes.

(*that last vet is just angry because I borrowed his lawn mower and haven’t returned it yet… Yeah, I know, way to be a jerk, Bill.)

Seriously, that last part is important. Everybody who voted last time can nominate this time. You just need to get your pins. But we’ve got a couple of months to get our noms in, so for January I’m just focused on getting people registered.

A couple of weeks ago you heard my heart felt plea to end PRS with our illustrated ad campaign.


But because CorreiaTech will not rest until it dominates the global entertainment industry, and our ultra high tech R&D department never rests, here is our illustrated plea in EXCITING CORREIACOLOR!**
**(also known as Photoshop).

Color SP 1

***(also known as YouTube) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzGKlOkQsxY

Color SP 2

Insert Eloquent Manatee Here… Wait… Where’s Wendell?****  Oh, that’s right! Wendell has been offended. Somebody suggested that my fans were easily bamboozled by Sad Puppies (If I recall correctly, he suggested you guys were manipulated by rhetorical sleight of hand)  https://monsterhunternation.com/2014/01/23/some-reactions-to-sad-puppies-2-rainbow-puppy-lighthouse-the-huggening/ And we all know that the only mammal at CorreiaTech cunning enough to pull off something that devious is Wendell.

So the BIG HUGO lobby has waged a slanderous campaign of character assassinatin and mud slinging against Wendell, suggesting that the people who care enough to end Puppy Related Sadness have merely been MANIPULATED BY MANATEES!

****(Wendell the Manatee was unavailable for comment, because he was golfing with Rush Limbaugh and the Koch Brothers at their secret country club… on the moon.)

Hmmm… Now that I’m thinking about it, if I ever get around to writing an actual Tom Stranger novel I am going to title it A Conspiracy of Manatees.
This has been a difficult battle against PRS, but we’re almost there! There are only a few days left to register! Won’t you take a stand against Big Hugo and end Puppy Related Sadness?


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26 thoughts on “Time is almost up for SAD PUPPIES 2: Rainbow Puppy Lighthouse the Huggening!”

    1. The year we get a Tom Stranger novel is the year I don’t go to Applebee’s for dinner and instead put that money toward your Hugo Larry.

  1. In the b&w version of the comic I thought you were wearing a parka with a hood (because of the snowy mountains etc.), but now I see that is actually your bald pate…

  2. Larry: Have you ever considered just writing a straight-up comedic fantasy, in the vein of Adams or Pratchett? ‘Cause these columns is some funny s**t, dude.

  3. Would 9/10 veterinarians also happen to know when I can expect my PIN to finally be emailed to me after participating last year?

    1. 1) they may be waiting until after the signups so they don’t have to duplicate any who sign up. 2) there may be a conspiracy to not have any fans of Larry get a pin to vote unless you specifically ask for one (aka, why remind the rabble they can vote?)

      I say go with whichever fits your worldview. 🙂

      1. I specifically asked for mine and have not received any answer yet. However, as a participant in the original sad puppies campaign I have until march to get it

      1. Any chance we will get a list of what you will be nominating, Larry? I’m specifically thinking of short fiction.

        1. I will. We’ll have some posts and argue about it. 🙂 But for January I just wanted to concentrate on getting people to register.

  4. A Conspiracy of Manatees…. Yes, I would buy that. But only because I have been brainwashed by your cismale gendernormative fascist ideology to buy everything you write. 🙂

  5. Speaking of conspiracies, ever notice that “PRS” logo on so many guitars nowadays? Somehow that links into Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, and the sad state of most music these days…

    So, unless we get Larry a Hugo, expect to hear more music like Miley and Justin!

  6. For those of you with LoneStarCon3 logins, send an email in to get your PIN. I requested an update today and got it back in less than 15 minutes. Include your name and your membership ID to hugopin@loncon3.org.

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