Quick Reminder, SAD PUPPIES 2 only available until the end of the month

sad-puppy2 (2)

Watch this video and feel the infinite sadness.


That’s right. The clock is ticking. What have you done to end Puppy Related Sadness today? If you don’t register as a WorldCon voter before the end of January then it will be too late, and puppies will be sad. FOREVER.

For only $40 you can become a member and nominate books, stories, and related works that are actually entertaining for the Hugo awards. (Like Warbound) Go here to combat PRS: http://www.loncon3.org/memberships/

Some people rejoice in sad puppies. They say that having one tiny group of fans always vote for their favorites is “tradition”. They call popular author’s attempts to stir up their non-WorldCon attending fanbase to vote in their little popularity contest as “vulgar”. By being vulgar and super non-traditional Larry Correia’s Sad Puppies 1 campaign only missed the Best Novel cutoff by a few votes, and those brave souls who supported him last year can do so again for FREE this year. But he needs more help… Larry Correia fans are far more likely to spend $40 on ammo, or snacks for while they watch the new season of Justified than to join WorldCon, and if they actually attended a WorldCon they would probably be very, very bored.

But if somebody like Larry Correia could be nominated for a Hugo, then puppies everywhere would rejoice.

Toni SP

This puppy belongs to Baen’s publisher. We will call her Toni. No. The publisher. We will call the puppy Daphne… Daphne is sad because most of her owner’s authors are despised and ridiculed by the traditional WorldCon voting crowd and the snooty literati. She knows that her owner deserves a Hugo for Best Editor because of her impressive career editing hundreds of popular works of sci-fi and fantasy and for discovering dozens of new authors who went on to become big sellers, but Daphne’s sadness swells when she finds out that because Toni doesn’t like to throw away large sums of money promoting boring ass message fic about dying polar bears and is one of the only publishers brave enough to actually publish right wingers or militant libertarians like Ringo, Kratman, Williamson, Hoyt, or Correia, then her owner will be ignored by the literati, UNLESS YOU HELP…  (Daphne is also sad because she just got spayed, but today we are concentrating on the whole Hugo thing).

PRS isn’t limited to just puppies. The Hugos have become so snooty and pretentious that even this baby… Er… Hell, I don’t know what that thing is… But look at that sadness.

baby rhino

Damn, that’s cute.

So won’t you help the poor whatever the hell that is? Only you can stop Puppy Related Sadness.


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17 thoughts on “Quick Reminder, SAD PUPPIES 2 only available until the end of the month”

  1. It’s a rhino. I don’t feel obligated to help RINOs. But my niece would be very sad if I didn’t help keep puppies from being sad, and sad nieces are EVEN WORSE than sad puppies.

    1. Agreed. Sad nieces >> sad baby rinos + sad puppies. That said, you should never make a baby rino sad, because the parents will come after you.

  2. Off-topic interjection: So, I’m rewatching The Lost Boys last night, and at the end one Frog brother turns to the other and says:

    “How much do you think we should charge them for this?”

    And I thought: “Bubba would be proud.”

  3. Warpig: that’s hilarious.

    Do you happen to know what kind of breed Daphne is? She looks shockingly like our dog. He was a rescue so we have no idea what he is.

  4. My wife and I were attending members of LoneStarCon3 last year and did our part to combat PRS. It looks like you have to request a pin (which I just did) if you are eligible from a venue other than membership at Loncon3. So fire off a request to hugopin@loncon3.org.

      1. The first time I saw Cismale Gendernormative Fascist was on an argument on Facebook, when a libprog troll tried to insult me with it. I didn’t know what it meant. My fans participating in that particular fight didn’t know what it meant. Of course, I had no idea what the first one was, I could kind of guess on the second, and the 3rd didn’t apply, but hey, whatever. Off to Google. Holy crap. That’s the dumbest insult I’ve ever seen… So I’ve been using it ever since. 🙂

  5. Larry
    When people start insulting you using political sociological scientific words they learned from their professors, that usually means that they are trying to dazzle you with crap that they have problems understanding themselves just to pretend that they are better than you.

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