Challenge Coin Update! Free Books! Lots of Stuff!

The coins are coming in.
They look better in person too.

Coin MCB

So things are starting to arrive at Jack’s place. Boxes have entirely taken over one room of his house.

Now there is still the matter of sorting out 1,000 some odd orders, each one a little different, and also matching up serial numbers (and we didn’t realize they’d just toss all of the into a box, so that’s going to take some effort), and Jack has to take off for a few days for SHOT Show, but even with that you should all have your coins pretty soon. Sweet.

Now for our next item of business, remember everybody,

sad puppy

it is time for Sad Puppies 2: Rainbow Puppy Lighthouse, The Huggening! For the approximate price of dinner for two at Applebees you can support awesome books winning fancy Hugo awards and drive the literati insane!  You get samples of all the nominees in all the categories, but more importantly you get to make your voices heard. No more boring, pretentious literati-wannabe dreck! You just need to register before the end of the month.

Vote for Warbound!


Also, they are testing the Baen Mobile App right now and are looking for feedback. So I am going to give away some free Baen Books. I’ve got ten books (of your choice) to give away, so this is what we’re going to do. Send an e-mail to and tell them that Larry sent you. The first TEN responders will be given a voucher for a free book which you can download from the Baen mobile app. That’s why I’m putting this one last, because I know that email address is about to get hammered. TEN. That’s 10 of you. That’s what Baen Mobile offered. So it is a race to see who can email the fastest. Go get yourself a free book! EDIT: THE BOOKS ARE GONE. YOU CAN QUIT BUGGING BAEN NOW. 🙂

BOOK BOMB! John Brown's Bad Penny
The Drowning Empire, Episode 42: History Does Not Remember the Quiet

18 thoughts on “Challenge Coin Update! Free Books! Lots of Stuff!”

  1. Larry, question about Warbound, now that I’ve voted. I find your points in the Ask Correia posts about your growth as a writer with practice really helpful, and having read again all of MHI and Grimnoire recently I kind of marveled at the gulf in style and awesomeness between MHI #1 and Warbound, like if I didn’t know better I’d say there’s no way they were written by the same guy. Are you ever consciously aware of this kind of skill progression as it happens, or do you recognize it during editing, or just looking back years later?

    1. Some have already been shipped. Jack is sorting and shipping orders daily. He’s started at the Alpha tiers and is working his way down.

  2. Does anyone have an extra MHI logo coin they would be willing to sell me? Contact Chris @ 435-671-1626 if you do.

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