Next Book Bomb is on Monday: Bad Penny

I was going to Book Bomb this last month, but it got hung up from being posted on Amazon, and then it was the holidays, and then I was in Texas. So we are going to hit this one on Monday hard.

For those of you new to Book Bombing, that’s where we pick a good book where the author needs a publicity boost, and we get as many people as possible to buy it on the same day in order to spike it on the Amazon ratings. The higher it gets, the more new readers notice it, the more publicity the author gets, the more the author GETS PAID. 🙂

John Brown is a friend of mine. I’ll talk more about his story on Monday, but he is deserving of a Book Bomb. Our first books came out about the same time and we toured together. He is one of the most talented writers I know, an all around nice guy, but his career was stalled by his big publisher not releasing his next book.  So now John is going independant.

So mark your calenders and tell your friends. We’re going to Book Bomb Bad Penny on Monday.

The Drowning Empire, Episode 42: History Does Not Remember the Quiet
Back from Texas, and now it is Sad Puppies Season 2!

9 thoughts on “Next Book Bomb is on Monday: Bad Penny”

    1. It will bump it up, but not as much as doing it on Monday, however, do it however it makes you happy. Either way it gets John more readers, and that is the important thing.

  1. I was too impatient and bought the book last week. I can tell anyone who is buying it for the book bomb that they will not be wasting their money. The book is awesome!

    I am curious, though: Is this a standalone, or the first in a series? Does anyone know? I’d love to see more of Frank and Sam.

  2. As I work offshore and am leaving in a few days I needed to pad my reading list and couldn’t wait til Monday. And as an added bonus I picked up Into the Storm. Thanks for letting us readers about some great “new” authors. And when is Nemesis going to be eARC’d? Gotta have me some new monster hunter soonest!!

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