Back from Texas, and now it is Sad Puppies Season 2!

I flew in from Texas late last night. I had a good time at Space City Con. I got to hang out with some old friends, meet new ones, and the NASA tour was pretty sweet. We got the VIP treatment at NASA, played with Robonaut and hung out in Apollo Mission Control.  If I had more time right now I’d put up some pictures, but I’ve got to go wrap up Monster Hunter Nemesis and like a billion other things. Writing at a con is impossible for me.

And a heads up, it is time for Sad Puppies 2: Rainbow Puppy Lighthouse, The Huggening to begin. For those of you who weren’t readers last year, Sad Puppies 1 was my attempt to poke the humorless literati in the eye by getting MHN a Hugo nomination. When all was said and done, my entire slate for every other category got nominated except for me, and I missed the final 5 best novel noms by a handful of votes, with a final tally that would have put me in the top 3 any previous year. Which is quite the achievement, considering my regular reading audience isn’t exactly the WorldCon type. 🙂

HOWEVER, all of you who signed up last year are eligable to nominate again for this year with no additional cost. And for anyone else who wants to jump in, you just need to buy a voting membership before the end of the month.

There will be SO MUCH more about this as the month goes on, because I will tug at your heartstrings with the piteous mewling of sad eyed pulp novelists who have been abused by the literati elite.

EDIT: ( To clarify this will be for Warbound, the end of the Grimnoir trilogy, which is actually pretty damned awesome, and has already won or been nominated for other fancy awards in multiple countries, so it isn’t like I’m just pulling this whole thing out of my butt. )

Sad Puppy

This is the saddest puppy of them all, because it belongs to my publisher.

Won’t someone please think of the puppies?

EDIT: Here is last year’s saga of heart rending agony and sadness.

The Idea is Born:

The Full Puppy:

Think of the Children!:

Think of Stephen King!:

Next Book Bomb is on Monday: Bad Penny
My Warmachine stuff is coming out in audiobook.

23 thoughts on “Back from Texas, and now it is Sad Puppies Season 2!”

  1. Having read Warbound, I’m all in favor of it getting a Hugo.

    I foresee the Grimnoir chronicles and MHI both following George Lucas’s old movie formula of
    1: the story
    2-3: the sequels to make a trilogy
    4-6: the prequel trilogy
    7-9, the sequel trilogy

    Hopefully, Larry will get lucky and sell his sequel trilogy to Disney for a billion, too.

    We already know Bubba Shackelford is on the way. Not sure if you could really do much with the Chairman, though. Unless the Chairman is part of the Drowning Empire…

    Somehow, I’m thinking that MHI isn’t going to stop at 3. We’ve also been tantalized with visions of First Lady Faye. I’m betting her eyes will be grey again.

    Jake might even beat her to it, since Faye intentionally cut off her own access. Jake already has a start pushing power boundaries. Faye and the Chairman both did it, so it’s certainly possible. Especially if Faye tells Jake how she learned to do it. I don’t recall hearing that the Chairman started out omni-powered; perhaps he learned as well.

    Anyhow, I’m looking forward to poking yet more left eyes this year!

  2. “…visions of First Lady Faye…” What? Who? Where? Was that in the books? Did I miss it? How come I’m always clueless about this stuff? (Don’t answer that!) If I promise to buy a membership and vote for Larry will someone tell me what I missed?

    1. I have talked about the idea at a couple of cons, but there is nothing official. I want to do another Grimnoir trilogy, but set in the 1950s with all the Golden Age of scifi stuff, just like this trilogy was my love song to all the 30s pulp. In Warbound, Francis talked about running for president. If I skip ahead to the 50s, then Francis has to be president. Which means that Faye would be the First Lady. 🙂

      1. just finished the audible version of Spellbound…truly excellant in every respect…but this kind of tease is really just cruel

  3. Do you want a sad puppy picture to assist int he campaign? I will happily release use of Buckley, named in honor of Joe Buckley and the dog of MHI RPG fame in this noble endeavor.

  4. Larry, the *original* Apollo Mission Control?

    I went to JSC for my birthday two years ago and the Mrs. paid for the VIP tour (“Level 9” or some nonsense like that), lunch with an astronaut, simulated shuttle mission, the whole bit.

    The old Mission Control room was the best. I didn’t gouge any eyes getting to the Flight Director position first, but it’s a good thing there weren’t any little old ladies in my way…

    I was sitting in the broken down seventies-era swivel chair and (in my mind) halfway to lunar orbit insertion when the tour guide asked us not to flip any switches or press any buttons, so I just sat there, laid my hand gently on speaker grille built into the cool, scratched, pale-green sheet metal of the console, and quietly got goose bumps/misty eyes.

    “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”

  5. I love the MHI stories, but I am a major goober for the Grimnoir chronicles. LOOOOVE that series. Listened to the entire thing on audible- TWICE. Couldn’t get enough. Especially love the altered quotes in every chapter. Really appreciated the character development in that one.

    So damn skippy Warbound deserves a Hugo!

  6. For various reasons, I ended up reading Hard Magic first, Warbound second, and went back to Spellbound to make sure I read it all. It says something very good about the quality of your writing that Spellbound was well named because it held me riveted even though I already knew how the story would come out.

    When you can’t put down a trilogy, regardless of reading order, THAT’s writing. Well done, sir.

    1. agreed, I recently re-read the monster hunter books and they are still good even though I had read them before, lot’s of books don’t get that treatment from me vary often.

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