Today’s Book Bomb postponed

Today we were going to Book Bomb John Brown’s Bad Penny but he’s had a hold up with the proofing, so it won’t be out until after Christmas. I will keep you guys posted.

In the meantime, if you’ve not read his fantasy novel, you really should, because it is really good (and I’m not just saying that because we almost died in a blizzard together once). It is only .99 cents right now for the eBook.

In the spirit of two days of Twitter arguing with militant evangelical atheists who hate Christmas:
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7 thoughts on “Today’s Book Bomb postponed”

  1. I’m really trying to get into Servant… but something about the first third of the book has really turned me off. I think the issue is I’m not sure *who* I’m supposed to be rooting for. I’m pretty sure I know based on how things are going who the main protagonists are… but… Servant suffers from Star Wars Episode One esque like lack of focus – at least early.

    I’ll will perservere though because the characters are well done even with the lack of focus… and I really dig the world.

    1. I’m rooting for Mr. Lawn and Garden.

      I’m halfway through. I don’t know if it was intended, but the confusion I feel really helps me to get into the story. I’m reading the damn book with a god’s eye view and still don’t know what’s really going on.

      Imagine how the poor bastards living that story must feel. Even their head smacking “A-ha” moments are dead wrong.

      Beats the hell out of Harry Potter.

  2. See, I thought the ambivalent feel for the start of the book was great, and really showed the complexity of the situation. Do I root for this character, who seems the target of a witch hunt, or this other, who while antagonistic to the first, has perfectly sound reasons for being so? And what about the third, who’s objectively horrible but who’s inner monologue is quite sympathetic? (Alright, probably not the third, but still great writing!)

    Anyway, Thanks for making this author pop up on my radar Larry, and when are you coming to Phoenix Comicon? I’ve got a raft of books I need you to sign!

    1. Remember the third character has been through the most mind wrenching transformation possible, and is intermittently utterly dominated. He tragically starts insane, and things only go downhill from there.

      I hope he finds happiness as a mini-golf attraction somewhere.

      1. No doubt, but you only know that from their inner monologue. From an outside perspective, they’re completely irredeemable.

      2. I agree with everything you’ve said. The characters are all multi-dimensional. Even the brainless monster has more depth and nuance than the vast majority of fantasy characters I’ve read by other authors.

        When I look at all the stupid decisions made by the characters, I’m transported to real life, where most decisions under similar pressure are even dumber.

        I also have to keep reminding myself that the people are desperate and facing very real occult insta-kill and worse. It isn’t superstition, they’re continually facing raids by horrible bandits, any one of which might become a Bruce Lee or human Terminator with absolutely no warning.

        They all know it and many (survivors) have witnessed it.

        You’d think they’d be nicer to each other.

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