Vincent Chong is selling prints of the Magie Brute cover.

Vincent Chong is the artist who does my French edition Grimnoir covers. He sent me an email telling me that he was selling prints of his paintings, including this one:

Magie Brute

I’m going to get one for myself to frame. This is probably my favorite cover of all my books.  Yes, sticklers for detail, I know the gatling gun isn’t wrong. It should be a Lewis or a BAR, but having him one handing that gatling gun all casually demonstrates Jake’s great strength. You see that cover and you know something is up. It is really evocative. (meaning, it sells some books!) 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Vincent Chong is selling prints of the Magie Brute cover.”

  1. I have two questions about Hard Magic:

    1) Will there be a GrimNoir RPG? Please say yes.
    2) If Jane has a celebrity lookalike, who is it? I always imagine her as January Jones, but I’d like to know how you picture her.

    1. There are not plans for a Grimnoir RPG right now.

      I think at one point Sullivan says that Jane looks something like Marlene Dietrich. Or if that’s not in there, I thought it at one point. 🙂

    2. Since it looks like Larry doesn’t have plans for an RPG system for GrimNoir, might I suggest the FATE system as an option? In fact I’d say take a look at Spirit of the Century for flavor and then the basics of the FATE system, it’s what I would end up using if I were to run a campaign using the setting.

    1. This is what I’m thinking. It isn’t that the North America covers are bad, but they just aren’t art like the French cover pictured here.

  2. The HERO system might work for an RPG setting of the Grimnoir chronicles, my family used it for a little while back when we played with some super hero powers.
    Also that cover picture is awosome!

  3. Completely unrelated to the thread’s subject matter…

    I was eagerly pawing though the recently-released OGRE Designer’s Edition by Steve Jackson and noticed that it has an Ogre named Owen, and another named Harbinger.
    I thought you might enjoy the hat tip.

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