Well look what is up for preorder…

Monster Nemesis Final (2)


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Why you shouldn't ask authors to be in favor of censorship
The Drowning Empire, Episode 37: Pirates!

44 thoughts on “Well look what is up for preorder…”

      1. Hi Larry,

        When is the earc version due out?

        I figure I’m going to buy this at least three times anyway (earc cause I’m inpatient, kindle version cause I like the final draft and audible because its really worth it to hear it narrated.

        I call it the Correia Trifecta…:-)


  1. I am currently re-reading the series so this is perfect timing. I would love it if you cranked them out faster, but I would hate to see the quality drop. I just HATE waiting. Hate.

    Very excited.

  2. Larry:

    I learned that Amazon offers for sale videos, books, DVDs and other materials by one Anwar al Awlaki, a propagandist for Al Qaeda, who was taken out by by a U.S. drone missile some months ago.

    I confirmed this with my own search!!

    I was outraged that Amazon sells for the terrorist group that inflicted 9/11 on our country. I asked them quickly expunge every instance of this odious filth from their web site. Their response was to the effect that they would pass my email up the line. Well, al Awlaki is still for sale there. I swore to never again do business with Amazon, and to inform every person and group I know of their irresponsible money- grubbing.

    Maybe Amazon will listen if you and other top authors threaten to pull their publications from their website. Thanks.

    1. Wow. Thanks for putting me in a really shitty position this morning, where I am absolutely powerless to do anything of meaning, but if I don’t then I must support terrorism. Or even better, I don’t support terrorism, but I’m only motivated by money, oh that filthy lucre! So if I don’t ruin my business agreements and violate my contractual obligations, even if I fundamentally disagree with your idea not just on 1st Amendment grounds but also practical ones, the terrorists win.

      Here is why I will not be threatening anybody with boycotts for this topic or any other.

      First, if I threatened to pull my stuff off of Amazon they would laugh at me.

      Second, it is one of the biggest retailers of books on Earth, so they would laugh at me as I went bankrupt.

      Third, I couldn’t legally pull my books off anyway because I’m under contract to a publishing house. I do not control my printing or distribution. Amazon has a realtionship with Baen and Simon & Schuster, not with me.

      Fourth, I’m not in the censorship business and I’m not the threat of boycott type. I hate that blackmail strong arm tactic. It never works. Even by you posting this it puts me in an awkward No-Win situation. So if I do something, I’m screwed, and if I do nothing, I must be pro Al Queda, and thus screwed. Hey, thanks.

      You want to take up your problems with the retailer (it won’t work either) but leave authors out of it. All you’re doing is putting us in a bad spot. You’re probably going to get the same exact response from any other author you ask too (or at least any author who understands how business and contracts work). I can’t speak for them, but I’m guessing that my co-author Mike Kupari (who went to Afghanistan as an EOD guy and risked his life disarming Al Queda IEDs) will tell you the same thing. You could ask noted sci-fi author (Lt. Colonel) Tom Kratman to pull his books off of Amazon because it also sells books by a terrorist asshole and see what his response is too. I’m sure it would be hilarious.

      A cursory search shows that Amazon also carries Mein Kampf, the Turner Diaries, and Rosie O’Donnel movies. Pick a hundred awful topics by a hundred awful people and there will probably be books on there worthy of your outrage. Amazon also has the Satanic Verses in stock, a book critical to Islam where the Iranian mullahs actually issued a death fatwah against the author, so I suppose if some prominent authors felt bad about the mullah’s hurt feelings they should contact Amazon and threaten to pull their books, right? There are books on there by Ted Nugent and Wayne LaPierre too, so after Sandy Hook maybe some super concerned anti-gun authors should have demanded that they were pulled, because of how insensitive it is to have books by those gun nuts.

      My gosh, as I continue my search they’ve even got the Anarchist’s Cookbook! I haven’t read that for 25 years, and if I recall correctly there are a few nifty bomb recipes that worked great, and a few others where you’ll probably lose at least a hand.

      But if your personal cut off is that we should only ban books by people who have motivated/enabled/caused the deaths of Americans, then hey, start with Margaret Sanger books. For sheer body count, Sanger’s accomplishments dwarf Al Queda… Only hers are all little tiny bodies, and that particular racist eugenicist is a liberal icon today. I just checked. Sanger books are on Amazon too. And on 1st Amendment grounds, I think that is great. Political speech should always be allowed, even when it is by complete scumbags with idiotic ideas. No matter how repulsive your political philosophy you have the right to share it.

      This is America. You want to proclaim something, no matter how idiotic it is, you have that right. And the rest of us have the right to debate it, make fun of it, and pick it to pices. No matter how vile or ignorant. Hey, look, Piers Morgan wrote a book. Good for him.

      Hell, and I actually know people who have bought various Al Queda authored books from Amazon. Except they work in the American intelligence community, and it was so they could understand the people they were trying to find in order to kill them better.

      You want to get people to read the hell out of a book? Get somebody somewhere to ban it. If only I could get a bunch of morons to burn a bunch of my books on a bonfire and get it on the news, that makes for great publicity. But you got me thinking, so I went and looked on the site itself. If you search his name, you come up with critiques and news articles about his crap way before you get to his crap. One of the books you’re pissed about is ranked 1,101,112, which means that it sells a copy once in a great while. Another one of his articles doesn’t actually sell enough copies to get a rating. Sure, you could let this asshole fade away into obscurity, but don’t worry. I’m sure if you organize a righteous internet campaign to ban it you can get this thing up to number 1, no problem.

      1. Of course you’re in a shitty position. When faced with an ethical dilemma,anyone with a grain of decency finds themselves thus.

        I’m unimpressed with your four reasons for not pursuing the issue. Each had to do with either the state of your pocketbook or your helplessness in the face of strong opposition. I would imagine that the executives at Krups and Thyssen used a similar rationale in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

        Man, where did you learn your negotiating skills – using shovels on Holsteins? I wasn’t asking you to fall on your sword. Rather, it occurred to me that if you and some other primo Baen authors suggested to your publisher that he, too, faces the same ethical dilemma, he might give it some thought, and perhaps pass on his concerns to Amazon.

        Given your off-the-edge rant that lumped a real mass murderer with a fictional white supremicist apocalypse, and a true woman’s rights advocate (Is that truly the LDS position on abortion?), it looks like I pushed the wrong (right?) buttons.

        In case you’re wondering, I do have a dog in this hunt. My son had clients at the World Trade Center. If he had been there that morning, he likely would have died in that massacre.

        1. Yep. Just like I predicted. Because I disagree with you, I am money grubbing, morally bankrupt, and support terrorism. Sure. Because it is either that or your idea is just stupid.

          If you consider that rather polite and detailed response as to why what you are asking me is an “off-the-edge rant” then you have lived a sheltered life.

          You missed the big reason, even though I didn’t put a #5 by it. Hint, it is all the stuff in the second half about how I believe in Freedom of Speech, and will not ever pressure any vendor of books not to carry a book of political thought I disagree with. Ever.

          Apparenly you were too dense to get that the examples I provided were of various works who would be hated and despised by some group, and by your criteria, they should be banned. You bring my religion into it, well how about this? It is my personal religious conviction that the founding fathers were inspired by God when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the first right on there is the right to freely share political thought. It is a fundamental guiding principle of America that all idea, no matter how vile, are open for discussion, and squashing political discourse is the desire of statists and tyrants.

          You pushed the wrong (right) button? Yes. I hate censorship. I hate statism. I hate anyone who would infringe upon the basic fundamental principles of American governance based upon their feelings or their personal concerns. And above all, I hate bullies.

          So instead of trying to coerce me into doing something I disagree with how about you go talk to those other primo authors yourself? Go talk to my publisher. See what their response is. I provided a couple of names above who also have “a dog in this hunt”, so go for it.

      2. Mr. Correia,

        Based on this reply I say we start a campaign to ban your books… Not that I think you need that type of help but it would be cool to see every single title of yours as a Amazon #1 seller. After all you are clearly a proponent of witch craft and demons or something. We can surely find a decent reason to ban your books.

        Richard you are… well Mr. Correia said it better and much more politely then I would so I will leave it to the word smith to continue if he chooses.


        1. “Richard, you are … well Mr. Correia said it better and much more politely than I would so I’ll leave it to the word smith to continue if he chooses”

          No, please. I’d rather hear what you want to say in whatever way you want to say it.

          1. Oh, don’t worry. There’s a whole other post where dozens of people commented on your request and your basic ideas.

          2. Let the man speak for himself. Larry, you write excellent fiction and I’ve enjoyed all your books, the MHI series especially. I’m not quite sure how we got into a p*ssing contest, but let’s just agree to disagree, and let it go at that.

          3. I’m just pointing out that there is a whole other post on this subject with a whole mess of comments on it.

          4. Up to you, but you’ll find dozens of people who disagree with your pitch. And if you ever frequent this blog then you know my commenters don’t always agree with me. My blog posts also link of Facebook, and I’d say 99% of the respondents there, left and right, also think your idea is flawed. Sorry. Censorship is unpopular with most people who aren’t statists.


    In this age of shattered illusions and broken promises it’s good to see you’re living up to your end of our bargain (you write, I buy).

  4. Ooohh! New MHI book!!!
    … wait a minute… Correia wants money in his Amazon tip jar, too? After I just dropped a butt-ton on freaking MHI coins, plus the hardback MHI books because I gave away my paperbacks while evangelizing the series in Kabul, plus the patches I bought for every member of the family, on top of the e-crack versions of the Dead Six book, plus four or five 700-page Crimson Pact books that I bought just to get a stinking short story?? Seriously? Seriously?

    (Obediently trundles off to Amazon and funds some more of Correia’s miniature painting.)

    I bet you love Al Qaeda, too.

    1. Totally. Me and Al hang out.

      Oh? Al Qaeda? Those guys are assholes. I was thinking of Al Quesada. Nice guy.

      To be fair the other 600 some odd pages of Crimson Pact have some pretty good stuff too. 🙂

      1. Between the Monster Hunter Nation and the Moron Horde (quite a bit of overlap between those two groups I think) I always get my daily dose of LOL. Well done!

  5. Is there a link for Amazon uk? So I dont have to fork out for extra postage and Mr Correia gets a bob or two

  6. dear Mister Correia, my wife is ecstatic about the new book so of course when i get paid later this week we will be purchasing it as well as a couple of patches and a coin, though my youngest son was wondering if you would be mad if his scout troop used it for their patrol they like the green happy face,though all the boys are still Weblos for now. well have a good day sir.

  7. I buy Kindle almost exclusively anymore, but I just pre-ordered the hardcopy. It’s the least I can do to prod you into keeping on keeping on. (And I’ll buy the Kindle version to actually read. Paper is so HEAVY!!! : – )

  8. hey, I’m interested in preordering but am wondering if you have plans for signed copy’s like those made available for warbound. thank you.

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