Hard Magic audiobook is the Deal of the Day on Audible

Hard Magic is on sale on Audible.com today. It is only $5.95.

If you haven’t listened to these audiobooks, Bronson Pinchot did an amazing job. There is a reason that we’ve won the Audie Award two years in a row (and have high hopes for Warbound doing a 3peat).


The Drowning Empire, Episode 37: Pirates!
Merchandise page for the Kickstarter

5 thoughts on “Hard Magic audiobook is the Deal of the Day on Audible”

  1. If you haven’t got this, get it now. You owe it to yourself to experience the combined work of two artists who are at the top of their fields. The series constitutes one of the finest performances I’ve ever heard in an audiobook. I can claim a little authority on the subject, since I am currently narrating my tenth audiobook, a biography of Buster Keaton. The best narrations add something to the work of the writer, building on the foundation that he has created. Pinchot hits precisely the right note with the Grimnoir books. If you don’t smile when you hear his voice of Faye or Lance, or shiver at the cold precision of the Chairman, well, I pity you for what you are missing. It’s high on the list of audiobooks I listen to regularly for inspiration.

  2. I was actually planning on grabbing it tomorrow when my monthly credit came in. But as long as it’s out for so cheap I’ll buy it now and grab Spellbound tomorrow.

    Thanks for the heads up, Larry!

  3. I loved these audible books and its what lead me into the Spellbound universe and then into MHI. Great Books and Great world. So much so I been mulling around the idea of a RPG campaign based on that universe.

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