Merchandise page for the Kickstarter

Okay, there is a learning curve involved with running Kickstarters. 🙂

Some folks did not get charged the full amount for their add ons, and a bunch of people have asked if they could order items since we’ve closed. So we needed to come up with a secure way to process credit cards. So Jack has put together this page for your shoping enjoyment:

In other news initial orders have been placed and the work has started on the coins. I’m having a fun conversation with the people engraving the lighters about how I shouldn’t need to fill out a credit application if I’m paying them up front… Sheesh. You’d think I’d been an accountant for a really long time or something.

I will continue to keep you updated on the progress, and I hope to have some pictures of the early production stuff to share too.

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20 thoughts on “Merchandise page for the Kickstarter”

  1. With similar siituations, I put down that the credit line I’m requesting is zero, and add a note that I am a COD customer.

    For bank accounts I put “None”.

    For credit references I put “none”

    Lots of vendors use the credit app ass origination documents for building the customer database.

    They’ll also need your SSN/EIN and address info anyway, for 1099’s later, which now have much lower limits for exemption. If they’re in Utah, they’ll also need your resale number.

    Hey, have you made provisions for your Utah fans and sales tax? Being a federal type, you’ve probably never dealt with the Sales Tax before. You might want to chat with a local accountant who has been through that misery already, if you haven’t yet.

    I don’t know if sales tax applies to your medallions, but I’d bet an auditor would say yes.

    Good luck!

    1. That’s the idea. I only make it to Post Office about once a month or every 6 weeks because I’m swamped. I hate making people wait, but I’m too damned busy to keep up. So Jack is going to take those over.

      1. I don’t mind waiting, as long as you keep writing great stories. I just need patches for my range bags ( wait time is worth it) . 🙂

  2. Did they fix the typo on Bubba Shackleford’s medallion?

    These are all extremely cool. I plan on collecting. Thank you for creating this world, Larry. It’s terrific fun… even though it’s not “real” literature. Ha!

  3. I am stationed with Coastal Riverine Group Two and over the last year have become a huge fan of the MHI books. I would love to get my hands on a couple of patches ( Smiley Face, Utah County and Full Moon Exterminators), Can you help me out?

    1. Ken, I’ve taken the orders down temporarily. We’re going to be putting up a new online ordering thing once all the coin KS stuff is out the door.

  4. The primary patches and challenge coins are either out or no longer available. I am interested in picking up some things, but they seem either not on the shopify site or sold out. Will there be more runs on patches and challenge coins?

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