Space Eldritch 2. Now available in print

Don’t worry. There are lots of Mormons in this one so there is no danger of it being literature! Space Eldritch 2 is now available in hard copy:

I’ve got a story in here called Dead Waits Dreaming. I had a lot of fun writing it, as it is actual horror as opposed to my usual little bits of horror interspaced with punching monsters in the face.

Also do me a favor. If you pick his up please leave some honest reviews on Amazon.

And the eBook (that came out a couple weeks ago):

Merchandise page for the Kickstarter
Fisking the NYT: It isn't just me. My whole religion can't be *real* writers!

One thought on “Space Eldritch 2. Now available in print”

  1. But, but, there’s all that Lovecraftian doom and despair and madness, not happiness and hope and sunshine, so it can’t be Mormon stories! The NYT told me so!

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