Heading into the last few days of the MHI Kickstarter

I just sent out the following update


We are heading into the last couple days on the MHI Challenge Coin Kickstarter. This project has been a much greater success than I imagined. We’ve unlocked 13 regular coins, and the add ons for Dead Six and the Harbinger Zippo have been really popular.

We’ve been asked:

“Can I up my pledge after the project closes?”  – Nope. When the KS closes, it will no longer accept adjustments. So if you’ve settled on what you want, make sure you tweak your pledge before it closes.

“Will these be available after the project closes?” – Sort of. Maybe. Basically I will be rounding the items up to the next production level based on the numbers ordered. So there will be some extras of each item. However, I don’t know yet how many that is going to be, and how long they are going to last for.

We are almost at the end. The art has gone to mint and I’m hoping to get some work in progress shots for you soon. We are going to try our best to get these shipped in time for Christmas, and that looks achievable, but it is going to be close.

Thanks for you support,



I forgot to add, so will need to send another tomorrow, I don’t think we’re going to add on any more stretch goals. We’ve got the 13 finalized and we’ve sent them off to the mint so they could get started on them. The goal now would be to get them done and shipped in time for Christmas, as I know a bunch of these are intended as presents.

Right now we are at $80,402, 2682% funded, and 897 backers. Just so you know, that’s a whole lot higher than I ever expected. Originally I thought we’d hit stretch goals to get to 10 coins. Maximum. And that was only a maybe. Instead we got to 13, with 2 D6 add ons and a Zippo.

Now we’re heading into the last couple of days, so this should be interesting!

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9 thoughts on “Heading into the last few days of the MHI Kickstarter”

  1. Hey so I pledged 40 do I get charged and extra 5 at the end for shipping or do I have to pledge 45. Sorry was confused on that and I have not seen where that 5 dollars comes from. Thanks.

  2. I Read In One Of The Comments That The Smiley Face Patches Would also Be Available? How Much Do I Need To Tag On For Those If That’s True? Thanks.

  3. How about just one more. I Would really like to see the Heather coin added. I’m a big fan of redheads and Finns.

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