A request from the Stolen Droids podcast

I’ve been on their show several times, and they are big fans. – Larry


Hello Everyone!

In the two years that we’ve been doing the Stolendroids Podcast and Stolendroids Present, we’ve had the opportunity to meet with and interview lots of awesome people.  People who we never thought we’d have the chance to interact with and whose work we greatly admire and enjoy.  It has been a great pleasure to get to do interview each of you for our listeners, and I thank each of you for that.
As it turns out, our listeners have enjoyed it as well! They have nominated us for the second time in a row for The Podcast Awards (twice in two years isn’t a bad average, I figure).  Last year we didn’t know what we were doing and didn’t stand a chance.  This year, however, we hope to come away with a win!  This won’t be easy as the other shows that have been nominated are all excellent as well.
This year we’re reaching out to you for help.  If you post a call to action on your Facebook or Twitter to vote for us at www.podcastawards.com (under the technology section), it would greatly help us out.  You can vote daily until November 15th.  Some people will be asked to verify their vote via email, but it’s just to keep the bots out of the system.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking your fans and followers to do this, I would still ask you to consider voting for us yourself.
Thank you again, for all that you do! Without content creators like you, there wouldn’t be geeky fans like us!
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