Geeky Hobbies: How to model stuff

I wanted to show how modeling works for the folks who aren’t in this hobby. I really wanted to make a couple very specific characters for gaming purposes, bu there weren’t any existing minis that fit. So when that happens, you can just build your own.

If you get into this for a hobby you will eventually end up with a giant box of spare parts to choose from. Also, Privateer Press sells all of their individual bits on their online store if you need something really specific.
For example, I wanted a troll pirate/warrior. So big ax, shield, and jaunty hat. 🙂  So I got a regular troll, took the hand and ax off a jack, but had no arm. So in goes a super glued chunk of paper clip for the skeleton.

Troll WiP

At the same time, for an IKRPG character concept I needed a black guy with Solomon Kane hat, a pistol, and a gun… Good luck finding that. So modeling to the rescue. Reaper hat, Rastafarian head shaved to fit, Warmachine body (the poncho is a nice touch, pistol and sword off of a Dystopian wars samurai, paper clips and super glue later:

Loomi WiP 1


Up next, I take green stuff putty and sculpt a new arm on top of the wire. I made it chain mail rather than try to mess with creating muscles. The buckle actually came out okay.

Troll WiP 2

I also had to shave down the troll’s other arm with a hobby knife and green stuff over it to match.

both wips

Then paint


So very specific. 🙂

Loomis 2

And it really isn’t that hard to make them look like they were meant to be that way.

Pirate Troll

And I’m a pretty crappy sculptor, but slap some paint on there, put some highlights to disguise the novice sculpting (and keeping in mind that this is way way smaller in real life) and it looks like it came from the factory:

Pirate Troll 3

This is another kitbashed model. For those of you that have read Into the Storm, this is my attempt at creating a Savio Montero Acosta. If you haven’t read Into the Storm, go here now, because it really is awesome:

No WiP shots on this one, but basically just swapping hands and gluing extra bits on, but even that and you can get pretty character specific

Acosta 1

Because Acosta can never have enough swords and guns, (I loved writing that lunatic) and speaking of bits, the swords on the back come from the poncho body above. See? Lots of extra bits for everyone.

Acosta 4



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  1. Larry 🙂 My former GW studio working ass salutes you 🙂 I love the fact that you are as familiar with miniatures as you are with firearms.

    1. I’m much better with guns. Shooting them at least. Fixing them not so much. That, I’m better at kitbashing minis. 🙂

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