Space Eldritch 2, out now. Including Correia writes horror!

So I screwed up yesterday’s announcement, but the anthology Space Eldritch 2 is available now!

And that is a pretty awesome cover for Lovecraftian sci-fi. 🙂

Space Eldritch 2  *

My story in this one is called Dead Waits Dreaming. When the last ship left the system Atlas was a thriving colony of half a million people, but when the patrol ship Alert arrives thirty days later, everyone has gone missing… Except for one solitary survivor, who happens to be incapable of dreaming.

And then you’ve got stories from a whole bunch of really good authors. Looking at that list, I think I’ve Book Bombed half of them individually. I know Steve Diamond’s is about an asteroid prison where not everything is what it seems, and he probably wrote it on the clock back when I was his boss in the military industrial complex. Jerk… Howard wrote the sequel to the excellent Flight of the Runewright, as he needs to keep expanding out into fiction that doesn’t require all that difficult drawing stuff. Eric J. Stone is the writer who has been nominated for every award there is, including Motortrend Car of the Year. Dave Butler has the finest mustache of any author alive. Tom Selleck respects Dave Butler’s mustache. And more!
There’s one review so far, and it is just 4 stars… However that is because the dude bought it for just Howard’s story, didn’t read any of the other 90% of the book, and then rated it comparative to the expense of the whole anthology against his enjoyment of that one story… Yeah… I’m pretty sure that’s not how anthologies work… But anyway, what I’m getting at is please leave an honest review after you’ve read it. Unless of course, you didn’t like it, because then nobody wants your negative waves, man.


* Full disclosure, when you buy the book through the link I put to Amazon, I get an extra % for the advertising refferal. In fact, once you enter Amazon through any of the links on my page, whatever you buy on that visit I get a refferal, so it is pretty sweet.


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5 thoughts on “Space Eldritch 2, out now. Including Correia writes horror!”

    1. The link works for me. It brings up a little thumbnail, you click on that it takes you to Amazon. Then you buy stuff normally. Weird.

  1. Bought it and read Larry’s story first. Very creepy as advertised :-). Larry one day you should think about doing a full on horror novel. (But not until we get more MH!!)

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