MHI Challenge Coin Kickstarter update

Holy moly.

Okay, so we funded in less than half an hour. Then we hit our first stretch goal in an hour. So now we’ve got the MHI coin and the Franks/MCB coin.

We’ve almost hit our next goal, which is the Team Haven coin, and after that is the International Conference of Monster Hunting Professionals commerative coin.

So we are 391% funded in the first couple hours. And we’ve got a whole bunch more stretch goals planned.

I know the Alpha tier sold out fast, but I’m working on an Alpha 2. That’s all about scrounging up more hard cover 1st edition MHLs to draw in.

So now that it is almost 11 mountain time, I’m going to eat breakfast and shower. 🙂

Another update!
MHI Challenge Coin Kickstarter is NOW LIVE!

4 thoughts on “MHI Challenge Coin Kickstarter update”


    Honestly? I’d be thrilled with a level that allowed for all the coins without the hardcover 1st edition MHL. Even without matching or specific serial numbers. I just want the coins!

    (I’ll be refreshing obsessively for alpha 2 to come out – I clicked the kickstarter link the second I got the email with your blog post, and already alpha was gone.)

      1. You know, it might not be feasible to have such a level without knowing how many coins there will ultimately be. The “any 2/5/7/10” levels are probably the way to go.

        Perhaps we’ll be able to add more coins as desired for a per coin additional fee?

        Wonder if this isn’t some sort of Kickstarter record…

  2. You’re gonna need more coins. Because Stretch 3 should be here by the time your breakfast and shower are over. . . .

    Meanwhile, I hear the “Obamacare Exchange Challenge Coin” effort isn’t doing NEARLY as well. . .

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