14 thoughts on “MHI Challenge Coin Kickstarter is NOW LIVE!”

  1. Well, when you suggested that you might do this when Howard was running his, I said I’d join in… done!

  2. And Kickstarter is using Amazon Payments, so to make spending money I don’t have even easier, all I have to do is use my Amazon log in, and they’ll charge to the account I have linked to Amazon. No more having second thoughts while I dig my card out of my wallet!

    Oh – and I’m in.

  3. Darnit, I’m going to need three of the Sam Haven coins now. When you first pitched the challenge coin idea I wanted a Team Haven coin for the collection and one to set in the stock of my Marlin 1895 rifle (which I bought just because that’s Sam’s rifle). But now that I see Sam’s portrait, I want both sides of the coin to show.

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  4. Holy crap, but it’s funding fast. (And I’m in.)

    I’ve also been meaning to order a patch. Are you going to make those an add-on option?

  5. Now that CorreiaTech Inc is a live entity, I’m looking for a Combat Wombat plushie as an upgrade! Then comes the Tom Stranger interdimensional transporter. Next, a live Combat Wombat! 🙂

    (If we can dream it….)

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