I will be in Alabama this weekend. ConStellation in Huntsville

I’m guest of honor at ConStellation in Huntsville!  http://www.con-stellation.org/constell/wiki/index.php?title=Con%E2%80%A0Stellation_Main_Page

So come by and say hi.

Stephanie Osborn is the mistress of ceremonies. (and Stephanie is cool)  Here is a review of her work: http://www.bibliotica.com/2013/10/review-the-displaced-detective-series-by-stephanie-osborn/

And Kurt Miller is the artist guest of honor, and you may know Kurt from such covers as Dead Six and Swords of Exodus. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “I will be in Alabama this weekend. ConStellation in Huntsville”

  1. Maybe Earl and Owen will get time of off killin’ things to come by and get their books signed. Or, at least, Milo will show! Oh…wait…you mean those people are FICTIONAL?!?!!

  2. I hate you’ll be this close and I won’t be able to swing by for a visit. Constellation doesn’t have a day pass, I don’t have much of an interest in the rest of the con, and $50 buys a decent amount of reloading supplies.
    Have a safe trip and hope to finally meet you in person someday

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