Somebody decided I was a spiritual succesor to Tom Clancy

Okay, I’m down with that.

They put me at #3 because of my technical/tactical accuracy, which is really cool because I’m using that accuracy on demons and monsters. 🙂

I really did enjoy Tom Clancy. Red Storm Rising still ranks up there as one of the best books I’ve ever read. My first ever attempt at writing was a thriller,and it was a direct result of reading Clancy novels in college.

Fellow Baen author Tom Kratman made #2, because Tom is a badass.

I will be in Alabama this weekend. ConStellation in Huntsville
The Drowning Empire, Episode 33: Here, I Ride Chaos

23 thoughts on “Somebody decided I was a spiritual succesor to Tom Clancy”

  1. Very proud to see you and another Baen author on the list. Please feel free to claim an extra PUFF when ever they start paying them again after the shutdown ends!

    1. Larry, that might be a good short story for you: Government shutdown delaying PUFF. The insults alone would be worth reading.

      1. Excellent idea! The thought of Agent Franks being furloughed is scary, but watching Director Stark give him the news would be priceless!

        Larry compares well to Clancy. I’d say he’s better, because I’ve only read four of Clancy’s books but seven of Larry’s. But I’m a pretty small market.

      2. Errr, you’d have to be utterly brain dead to list MHI as non-essential, since its job has been determined to be more important than all citizen civil rights and right to life.

        In other words, the current admins would probably replace MHI with sensitivity training for all independent contractors, and saddle them with unbelievably stupid Rules of Engagement.

        To put it another way, Pax, your suggestion is spot on.

  2. A chance to investigate congress and senate for no longer puff exempt humanoid type monsters? Mistakes might happen if all resources were available…

  3. “We have found the American fleet! Dosvidanya Rohdina!”

    (I have misspelled that, but who cares, awesomest line out of an awesome book.)

  4. “. If there ever was a Zombie Apocalypse, the novels of Larry Correia should be required reading as a field guide.”

    That is enough right there.

  5. Red Storm was brilliant- warning to fellow Audible book readers, though, the narrator they chose for the book completely ruins the book. Better to get it for your kindle then listen to it.

    Slightly OT: I can’t believe we lost Vince Flynn and Tom Clancy in one year. Correia, you had better be getting regular doc checkups.

  6. I like that they put Colonel Kratman’s “The Watch on the Rhine” cover up there.

    It was a fantastic book, and thoroughly anti-Nazi.

    ‘There is only one Nazi in our unit, and we all hate him. But he is a very good tank driver, so we put up with him.’

    Halfway through the book, I despised him nearly as much as I hated the Greens. But at least he was helping the fight.

  7. I love how they said Tom writes “militaristic science fiction.” Not military, but militaristic.

    Just a thought, you two ought to write something together. That would be pretty damn awesome.

  8. I thought Kratman’s response in the comment thread to the linked article, that he fleshed out the character of Carrera by imagining “What would Jack Ryan do?” and then have Carrera do the exact opposite, was hilarious.

    Surprised that Ringo didn’t make the top ten; I would have given him either Ted Bell’s or Matthew Reilly’s spot (although I admit I enjoyed the heck out of the latter’s “Ice Station,” silly though it was).

    I also approve of Stephen Hunter at the top of the list. His early novels (as Hunter himself admits) like “Point of Impact” had a certain amount of innacuracies, but his gun stuff – and other technical bits – are right on. And his novels are fun reads, even stuff like “The 47th Samurai.”

    1. Not sure which Ringo novels qualify as Clancy-ish…

      I see that wiki thinks the Paladin of Shadows series is “much like Tom Clancy’s works with less politics and a closer to the ground level and action focus” — but Mike Jenkins is, uh, not a lot like Jack Ryan, heh heh heh.

  9. I am not as well read as I’d like to think I am, only two of the authors I have actually read LC and MR, only about half have I actually heard of. And the list doesn’t even mention Dale Brown.

    FWIW I personally would be considerably flattered to be considered the heir to Tom Clancy. Far less flattered to be on the same list as Matthew Reilly.

    TC got his stuff right, or at least gave it his very best shot at getting it right. MR gives the impression he makes it up as he goes along.

  10. I read Hunt for Red October because one of the pilots in my squadron lent me his copy when I had a 24 hour ready Room watch. It turns out that he went to high school with Clancy. I found it interesting because at the time I was in an Anti-submarine Warfare Helicopter Squadron on the USS Independence.

    Funny how nobody remembers that Larry Bond worked with Clancy on Red Storm Rising. They gamed out the scenario using Bond’s Harpoon game.

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