Shameless Plug Reminder Post: Stuff that came out last week!

Since it is Monday, why not? Here is a Shameless Plug Reminder Post about the various writing projects I had come out last week, available for your reading enjoyment, with prices ranging from equivelent to an okay hamburger, to a good tip on said hamburger, to free, which would be like the ketchup packets you’d get with your okay hamburger.

First up Swords of Exodus is out, and it is totally awesome (if I do say so myself)

And good news, my coauthor Mike Kupari has officially been offered a deal from Baen for his solo project, a badass mil-SF adventure space opera! It is going to be great. So with me, Brad Torgersen, and Mike Kupari all in Utah, that makes 3 months of the Sexy Men of Baen calender easy to photograph!

Next, I’ve got a short story in this anthology, which also has Howard Tayler in it, and I know we share a lot of fanbase, only mine is about a sniper assassin hunting a rogue criminal wizard through a fantasy equivelent of Siberia, so there.

And because I love you (okay, because Baen loves you) here is an absolutely FREE story from the Dead Six universe. This is like Lorenzo’s origin story.

Which you should totally read, if you’ve ever wanted to have a car chase between a technical and a BTR through an African city.

COMING SOON! MHI Challenge coin Kickstarter!
The Drowning Empire, Episode 32: Fear and Loathing in Broken Wave City

8 thoughts on “Shameless Plug Reminder Post: Stuff that came out last week!”

  1. ‘So with me, Brad Torgersen, and Mike Kupari all in Utah, that makes 3 months of the Sexy Men of Baen calender easy to photograph!’

    Larry, I’m a huge fan of your work, I own everything you’ve published to date, and I will likely continue to buy your work with enthusiasm.

    However, No. Just… No.

    Please excuse me while I go bleach my brain.

  2. And yes, SOE is awesome. Would I be right in thinking that one element of the storyline was inspired by a certain gentleman from Providence?

  3. I’d buy the calendar only if all the guys are in evening dress (tuxes or white tie) or dress uniforms. Otherwise this is my order for negative one copies the “Sexy Men of Baen” calendar.

  4. My only problem was Sword of Exodus ended way too soon I was wanting a least another 2 days of reading out of it.

  5. I should point out that my new project isn’t, technically speaking, Military SF. It’s just space opera. Nobody was writing the kind of space opera I wanted to read, so I figured I’d just write it myself.

  6. Just picked up “Swords” in the B&N down here in the Tampa Bay area. Probably go through it while pulling my 12 hour shift at work tomorrow.

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