Geeky Hobbies: Several Sunday Afternoons Worth of Painting

I haven’t taken glamour shots for a while, so I’ve got a ton to post.

EDIT: Just to add for the non-mini painters, to give you a sense of scale the bases on these guys are about the size of a quarter.

My light box consists of two lamps with paper towels hanging over them, but I am afraid I have reached the end of my iPhone’s capability to take decent pictures. All of these look better in person, since my camera is killing most of the shading I put in, and it makes everything look gritty. I may have to break down and borrow Mrs. Correia’s Cannon and figure out how to actually take better pictures.

First is a character for the IKRPG I’m thinking about playing after we wrap up our WNGN L5R campaign.



Cap 2

This one is heavily kit bashed together using parts from several minis, a bunch of green stuff putty, pinning, cutting, Dremeling, etc, but it is worth it because nothing says awesome like an ogre with a gatling gun.







This next one is a test scheme for a Legion army for Warmachine. Plus I just felt like painting a monster. I went with a purple for the skin and dirty white for the plates.

Leg 1


Leg 2

These next few are for my Warmachine Mercenary army.



Magnus (I sawed his head off and pinned on this helmet instead)




And a quick note on the leaves on the bases. Those are from birch seed pods. They really do look like big fallen leaves though. It makes a cool effect.

This next one is also for my Merc army, but I put a bit more time into this troll because I really enjoyed the sculpt.


Raluk 1


Raluk 2


Raluk 3

These next two are also test color schemes for another Warmachine army, Retribution.

ret test 2

And this ‘jack, which I painted once, then totally screwed up when I accidentally grabbed the can of white spray primer instead of the matte clear coat. So at that point I was frustrated and used it as an experiment in painting dirt and grime. The legs actually look extremely cool with all the mud caked on.

Myrm 1


Myrm 2

EDIT: WiP for hosting purposes




ANOTHER Larry Correia short story this week? Destiny of a Bullet
Free short story from Baen set in the Dead Six universe.

8 thoughts on “Geeky Hobbies: Several Sunday Afternoons Worth of Painting”

  1. Larry,
    This may help – To take good pictures if your figures and to keep the color and not lose your shading etc… try this tip.
    Lighting is the key. Never use direct lighting on your figures. Either look in a supermarket for one of those reflective light umbrella’s (the light is pointing at the underside of a silver coated umbrella. It is usually on a stand or table mount or you could even use a tripod. Or simply have some shine a bright light (LED’s are best) onto a big clean white sheet of cardboard. The other thing is to use a flat (non reflective) place/background to put your figure. Dark cloth or felt in the color of your choice works really well.
    You may have to fiddle around a bit to get the best combination that works for your phone or camera. Good luck I hope it helps.

  2. Photo suggestion… Use plaine white paper to build a light tent over your figures. Find a nice sunny spot to shoot in and the sunlight will transfuse thru the paper and give great even, soft light. Any paper will likely work as long as no color cast. Your neutral grayish background is good. Backgrounds with color may create a colorcast on you figures. Other suggestion is 100mm Canon macro lens. If you already do it this wa, my apologies. I’m new to your blog. Love your writing, avidly awaiting the next MHI or Grimnoir books. Regards, Dave D. (mn). PS. Also use a tripod.

  3. Taking time to learn how to use a camera to get the best out of it, is a must IMO. I can highly recommend David Busch’s books. He writes specific user friendly manuals on all the major camera models. They effectively replace the instruction manuals that come with the camera.

    You can see some of my work here:

  4. Larry: The suggestions for various forms of lightbox are great, but you can do wonders with a point-and-shoot camera with a timer and a tripod (even a small one). The timer (usually there to allow the photographer to get in the shot) is great because you trigger the exposure but you’re not actually touching the camera when the shutter snaps. This means you can use a timed exposure instead of automatic. This gives you more freedom in lighting and allows exposures even in low light, if you want to create a “mood” for your shots. The tripod holds the camera steady.

    I have had cover shots on a magazine that were taken with a Canon PowerShot, so I know the method works.

  5. Really like the Ogrun gunner. Well painted and a great/fun idea. Maybe PP will see it and think about including a solo like that. Well done!

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