ANOTHER Larry Correia short story this week? Destiny of a Bullet

I wrote a short story for this anthology called Destiny of a Bullet.

This is another Warmachine universe project, but like the other ones I’ve done for them I tried to write it in a manner that you don’t need to be familiar with the setting to enjoy the story. For the Warmachine fans, I’m writing about Kell Bailoch hunting down a Kossite former Greylord on behalf of the Kayazy. To the non Warmachine people, this time around I’m writing about a well known professional sniper/assassin, who is hunting down a the equivelent of a Siberian wizard on behalf of the Russian mafia. 🙂

It came out yesterday and I’ve already gotten some comments from readers who haven’t read my other stuff that I must be a shooter. Why yes. Yes, I am.  🙂  Because it is all about taking the shot against this wizard, I had to hearken back to the fundamentals of precision rifle class my shop used to offer. Never taught that one myself. I wasn’t even close to good enough. I was a pistol instructor! Long range rifle is hard! 😀

And as an added bonus, there is a Howard Tayler story in this one too. Howard wrote a mystery involving the world’s best magical mechanic (because somebody needs to keep the giant steam powered fighting robots going!). So now you know you really want it.

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  1. The boys at DTA teach a great long range rifel course. Well i guess now they call themselves Desert Tech. And their bullpup sniper rifel is a thing of beauty. No, honey, honest, i am taking a class, using a gun that can group at 3000 yards, for pure research for a book.

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