My new novel Swords of Exodus is out now!

Swords of Exodus is shipping. It should be in book stores everywhere this week.

I cowrote this with Mike Kupari, who is an EOD Tech in the US Air Force, and all around awesome guy.

Swords is the sequel to Dead Six. If you’ve not read Dead Six, you really should, because it is a great book. It’s weird. This series is by far my least well known, but that’s because I’m known as a fantasy writer, and D6 is shelved off by itself in fiction with the thrillers. So read Dead Six, because it is excellent. I promise that you’ve never read another coauthored book like this one. It is like dueling banjos, but with guns.

Free short story from Baen set in the Dead Six universe.
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15 thoughts on “My new novel Swords of Exodus is out now!”

  1. Picked up a copy this past Sunday and finally found time to dive into it last night. In fact, it kept me up late reading it. 🙂 I loved Dead Six and have been patiently waiting for SoE to come out.

    I hope you and Mike Kupari have more books in mind because this series really does need more exposure. Lorenzo and Valentine have become two of my favorite literary characters and the back and forth POV storytelling makes it hard to put down.

  2. Hi Larry,
    First the obligatory ‘I’m a huuuge fan and own all yer books n’ stuff’ message. I hope to have funded many minis for your army.

    I do have a theory about the Dead Six series and why it isn’t quite as.. erherm… uhh… ‘great selling’ as the other stuff.
    Simply put- the main characters don’t fit really easily into the protagonist mold. Makeda from “Instruments of War” is similar- they sorta have an honor system, kinda, ish (Makeda really has one) but it doesn’t really fall on the side of ‘good’. They’re like good-ish sort of bad guys, which is hard to identify with. At some points the reader might be thinking ‘So, do I root for these guys? ’cause they do some pretty awful stuff’

    This is different from the bad-ish sort of good guy- Madigan from ‘Into the Storm’ super excellent example, he’s awesome and fun to read about. He’s gruff and did some naughty against the rules stuff, but he gets the job done, and tries to make sure everyone survives and makes it back alive.

    Series where a good-ish sort of bad guy works as a great main character seem to be rare- the Vlad Taltos stuff by Mr. Stephen Brust (I’ve probably read others, but his comes to mind first)- is one example of this, and probably because I’m still uncertain whether his character is really, after all, a bad guy. He defies expectation in a snarky/lethal way but he’s fun to root for because he always pulls out these unexpected moments of selfless action and sacrifice…err.. they seem selfless but might actually be selfish? like I said, hard to categorize.

    Maybe it’s an issue of motive?

    In any case, looking forward to reading the 2nd Dead Six novel and the Franks MHI novel- his situation might fit this particular topic particularly well. Don’t know his motives yet, hope to find out soon 🙂


  3. I think that the best, most interesting characters don’t fit any particular category and or mold. They’re what I call morally grey. Well in Franks case it’s a decidedly darker shade of grey.

  4. It was sitting on my desk in an Amazon envelope when I walked in today. $6.89 total (amazon prime, free shipping)

    Kick ass!

  5. I’m only about midway through the new book, but there was something at the beginning of it that just seemed off somehow. It was that scene in the airplane where he pulls the pin on the grenade, and demands answers. I don’t know why, but it just seemed wrong somehow.

    I had a similar thought with a part in the first book that rubbed me the same way. You spend the book building up your character as this unstoppable killer, and the other author does the same with his character. The two of them meet in a fight, and… it’s a draw – twice. For some reason it reminds me of Robin fighting Kato in that Batman/Green Lantern crossover episode. Robin can’t lose… Kato can’t lose… I know, we’ll make it a tie. It just seemed wrong somehow.

    Admittedly I just pointed out two things I didn’t like, but I did enjoy the first book enough to have read it twice. As far as the second goes, time is a problem right now, so I’ve petered out about half way through it, but it is enjoyable so far. I hope there will be more.

  6. I have to echo the 1st comment, I liked the beginning to an extent, understanding the pressures of boredom and a lost relationship, paired with the despicable blackmail the other protagonist is under, but the lack of serious resistance to cold blooded murder is beyond me.
    I have started and stopped reading this at least 10 times in the last 2 months, whereas I buzzed through all 3 of the magic invasion series in less than 6 days of reading.
    I find myself wanting to see Gordon and Alders crushed like the bugs they are understanding all the while that they are symptoms and symbols of the Gadiantons in the shadows. I know that I will eventually finish dead Six, and will buy Swords after the 1st of October, but I do hope that there will be a less morally ambigous resolution at some point.
    thanks for the excellent stories you have shared. I wish you were still teaching in Utah, I would buy some classes.

  7. I like all of your books but I think the Dead Six series represents your most skillful writing. Writing a co-op project may cause both of the authors to pay more attention to plot and pacing (not that I have any complaints in re your other books) and overall…I don’t know…fit. The books are tight, the stories mesh well. I’m already waiting for the sequel.

  8. Larry, you dog. Isn’t the sequel ready yet? I read Dead Six and Swords in two days time. I am ready to find out how Val takes apart Underhill and how Lorenzo recovers to fight again. Come on di di mau.

    BTW thanks for inserting the wonderful world of double action revolvers into your stories. There is a place for those after all.

  9. I’m sorry, I just came here to vent–tearing my way through Dead Six and loving it, looked up Swords of Exodus on Amazon to order the Kindle version, and made the mistake of reading one of the reviews, in which the reviewer praises the novel and then completely spoils the ending, no warning whatsoever, right in the middle of the body of the review. What an asshole; I know its my fault for paying attention to goddamn Amazon reviews, but still, what is wrong with people? Looking forward to it nonetheless, love the series, keep it up Larry and Mike!

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