BOOK BOMB! Lights in the Deep by Brad Torgersen

Today we are Book Bombing Brad Torgersen’s Lights in the Deep.

Brad is a computer geek by day a Chief Warrant Officer by one weekend a month and two weeks a year (snort), and incredibly talented writer by night, just got a book deal to be a Baen author. He is also a member of Writer Nerd Game Night and a good friend of mine.

So go here to pick up his new release, Lights in the Deep:

For those of you not familiar with what a Book Bomb is, basically we take an author who we think needs a signal boost, and then we all buy thier book on the same day. By doing this we cause a spike in the sales ratings. The goal is to sell as many books as possible, over the one day, which will put them higher and higher in the ratings. Once we get them into the top 20 or top 10 of their genre, then more people who aren’t in the know see it, and buy it. Success breeds success. The author picks up a bunch of new fans and it is a helpful career boost.

Right now Lights in the Deep is at:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank:  #324,232 in Books

or in eBook

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #130,531 Paid in Kindle Store

I will update those stats throughout the day. And whenever we make them go up, I’m going to provide some Brad Torgersen Fun Facts which I promise will be absolutely mostly true, probably.

Why does Brad deserve a Book Bomb?

First off, he’s actually an extremely good writer. Brad is the guy who was nominated for the Hugo, Campbell, and Nebula award, all at the same time, and who was then swiftly attacked, maligned, and sabotaged by the inner clique of literati douchebags because he was 1. Military. 2. An outspoken conservative. 3. Openly religious. 4. White and thus incapable of being a “real” writer.

Some of my favorite FB arguments have come from Brad’s page. Since he’s far nicer than I am, and actively tries to be friendly and open to everyone, yet still posts controversial things like “Maybe SciFi shouldn’t all be a bunch of stuck up liberal cause of the day boring ass message fics and we’d have more readers.” Or “Maybe Obamacare actually does suck like all of the evidence shows and maybe just maybe you guys got suckered like a bunch of chumps and my side was right the whole time?” (but I’m paraphrasing, because Brad is way nicer than that).

So of course, Brad then gets yelled about by all the “caring” types and inevitably called racist (though he’s been married to a black woman for 20 years), and then for me, it is an opportunity to swoop in and be my normal, nuanced self. 🙂  Which then provides minutes of amusement to my fans! It is seriously like hunting over a baited field. 🙂  For that ALONE I owe Brad a Book Bomb!

Also, Brad just sold his first novel to Baen Books (which is good, since he’s an out of the closet right winger, that was basically his only hope) and I love to help out fellow Baen authors gain some new fans.

So let’s go! BOOOOOOOOoooooook BOOOOOOOooomb! Please tell your friends. Tweet, FB, whatever. Spread the word. The higher we get it, the better it goes!


It has started moving. Oh how I miss the old Wild West days of hourly updating Amazon algorhythms…

Amazon Best Sellers Rank:  #83,629 in Books

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #41,433 Paid in Kindle Store

And as promised, here’s your BRAD TORGERSEN FUN FACT: If you are on Facebook and you see a picture of a hot cosplay chick posted, odds are it is because you are friends with Brad Torgersen.

EDIT 2: Now we’re really cooking!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank:  #11,970 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,029 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Now we’re talking!  Please, tell your friends. Let’s get Brad up there!

BRAD TORGERSEN FUN FACT: If left unsupervised while writing Writer Nerd Game Night fiction, Brad’s story will inevitably be rated R for adult situations. He’s like our version of George Martin, but with less incest.

EDIT 3: Still going up. Woot!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank:  #8,935 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,456 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

BRAD TORGERSEN FUN FACT!  Brad Torgersen has never been politically out maneuvered by Vladmir Putin.

EDIT 4: Still going up!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank:  #8,613 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

 Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,182 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

BRAD TORGERSEN FUN FACT!  – Though his online author pictures make him look rather nebbish and normal, in person Brad Torgersen looks and sounds exactly like Jason Statham.

Not to steal Brad's thunder, but...
The Drowning Empire, Episode 31: Letters from Broken Wave City

23 thoughts on “BOOK BOMB! Lights in the Deep by Brad Torgersen”

  1. Bought the ebook. I’ve been following Brad’s blog for a number of years now, but have never gotten around to readying anything by him. Can’t wait to get started. It’s next on my list!

  2. I bought it for Kindle and shared that fact on my Facebook, not that I have that many followers, lol. Doing my bit to help out.

    1. The Chaplain’s War is a novelization of two stories which previously appeared in Analog magazine. Set about 150 years in the future, it focuses on one man trying to stop humanity’s annihilation at the hands of the technologically superior Mantis aliens. How he goes about it might surprise you. Military science fiction, but with an original twist–and some additional philosophy–that I hope will be to readers’ liking.

  3. i have to at some point buy one of these new fangled E readers and a smart phone. The old Rotary dial is getting hard to fix. Yes I still have a rotary dial phone. And yes I work with computers all day and play with them most of the night.. Doesn’t mean I LIKE them I like what they can do…

  4. Well, you got an ebook sale this morning from Canada, though sadly seems to have stopped providing sales rank for many things. Hopefully I wasn’t the only one.

    (I’d have bought from to be of more help to the book bomb ranking movement, but alas my kindle account is locked to .ca)

    As with Jeff above, I really look forward to the Chaplain’s War. I’m not a huge fan of short stories, but Brad seems a stand-up guy, and this seems a good exception to make.

  5. I got tired of waiting for you to announce the book bomb, so I went ahead and bought it. Looking forward to reading it. I’ll post a review on Amazing Stories in a few weeks, once I’ve cleared a few other items from the queue.

  6. Got it!

    As with previous posters, I am very much looking forward to Chaplain’s War. The premise sounds quite intriguing! Congratulations on the Baen contract, Brad!

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