Kickstarter O’rama

First off, no. This post isn’t for the Kickstarter you’ve all been waiting for, but yes, we are working on putting together the Monster Hunter International Challenge Coins KS. It is coming. I’ve teamed up with a good friend who is an awesome graphic artist, we’ve got a ton of designs ready to go, and it is going to be pretty darn sweet.

A few things you should know about me. First off, I love to help out friends. Second off, my friends know this, and they also know how much blog traffic I get. Third, I’m a workaholic, who has a really hard time saying no to various job offers for providing short fiction. Especially when it is something that sounds like a lot of fun. So I am currently applying my likeness/fiction/name/blog traffic to three different Kickstarters that I think are nifty.

Two of these just barely launched and are already half funded. The last one is funded and is now unlocking stretch goals.

Tracy & Laura Hickman’s Soujourner Tales game:

I’ve been a fan of Tracy’s since I was a kid. My two big geeky fanboy moments when I’ve actually lost it and gotten all blubbery fanboy about another writer’s work since I’ve been a pro have been with Tracy, and then F. Paul Wilson. I’ve managed to play it cool with everybody else. So when Tracy asked me to write one of the modules for his new board game, and I saw that the game was a really cool idea, I was totally in.

It is a board game, but you use your phone or eReader too. It uses cards, and by drawing random cards, you get different bits of narrative, and different challenges. So it is like you are playing through a short story, crossed with a Choose Your Own Adventure. And then just by changing the cards and the short story, you can flip between different genres. And Tracy and Laura have brought in some really big writers to do the different genre modules. I’m one of the stretch goals, and would be providing the pulp/noir one. (Tracy loves Grimnoir).


Then I was approached by Nick Sharps about writing a giant kaiju monster story for this anthology:

And my response was, I’d just gotten done watching Idris Elba driving a giant robot  rocket punching godzillas, how could I not write one? So if this anthology funds I will be writing a giant monster story. I’ve got one in mind that I think would be totally awesome, and I think you guys will love it. If you’ve read Spellbound, you already know that I’m a fan of the genre.


This one I’ve already announced before, but here is the link again because it is pretty freaking cool, put your head on a miniature.

This one will appeal to the painters and gamers, but that’s just too darn cool. I got to see my mini at Comic Con last weekend, and it was awesome. I’m buying a sack of heads so that all of my various games can have a Larry in them.

And I saw that they did a full body scan of Kevin Sorbo at Comic Con too. So even Hercules thinks it is a cool idea.

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7 thoughts on “Kickstarter O’rama”

  1. You are one of the few people that can say something like “I’m buying a sack of heads” not have me recoil in horror.

    1. there are many places you can go to for help with financial problems with a childhood illness like this. have the parents talk to the hospital social worker, she or he will have the places they can go to and apply for funding, including the state’s medical insurance. The regulations for a catastrophic illness like this are very different.

  2. Larry with a sack of Larry Correia heads…

    The clean-shaven picture we saw earlier? *That* was the original! This is an evil twin…

    … Evil Twin Larry must be keeping clean shaven original Larry a slave in the basement writing books while Evil Twin Larry attends the fun ‘cons and shmoozes…

    Way to go Evil Larry! Keep the books coming!

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