Geeky Hobbies: Finished some Warmachine

I finished a couple of Warmachine units so it is glamour shot time. So I busted out my “lightbox” (2 lamps and some paper towels) and my iPhone.

This unit is a necromancer and a bunch of undead. Total elapsed painting time, not counting drying was 2 hours. I went for a muted color scheme, and just used some inks and dry brushing. 1/2 and hour of that was painting Alexia’s face.

Risen group

Then I’ve got a bunch of hammer dwarves.

Horgenhold group


Horg 1


Horg 2


Horg 3


Horg 4


Horg 5

EDIT: current WiP, cobbled together out of parts:

MG Ogrun

EDIT for hosting:

Ogrun 1


Ogrun 2


Going to Salt Lake City Comic Con today
For my mini gaming/painting friends, put your own head on a mini

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