Various updates, Sad Puppies, fishing for reviews

This is going to be a really quick post because I’m swamped today.

First off, I got the results from the Hugo awards last night. My Sad Puppies campaign (wherein I played Sarah McLachlan music and showed abused conservative writers) to get MHL nominated for best novel sorta worked, in that every single other person in every other category I pushed got a nomination, except for me. But the stats were released last night and it turns out MHL was #6 and missed the top five by only 17 votes.

Next, Into the Storm came out last week and so far everybody has been enjoying it. Now I’m fishing for reviews to be posted.

So if you read it, please post an honest review… Unless you didn’t like it, because nobody wants your negative waves. For the non-Warmachine players, it really doesn’t matter, and I want my regular readers to check this book out because I honestly had a blast writing it.

On that note, if you want to leave a review for Warbound there, or any of my other books, that’s great. My Amazon reviews are pretty good, but nothing like my Audible. Holy moly, I checked that the other day and I had over 18,000 reviews and I was still averaging four and a half stars. If I could equel in books what I do in audiobooks, I’d be making Twilight money. 🙂

Third, I’m at SLC Comic-Con next week. I’m looking forward to that. They’ve sold 22,000 tickets so by Utah standards that is a huge event. But that’s what happens when you have William Shatner at something.

Fourth, all of my patch orders and autographed book stuff as of a couple of days ago have been shipped, so your stuff should be arriving shortly if you are waiting for something.

And finally, back to work on Monster Hunter Nemesis. It is coming along nicely, but man, it is a challenge to write about somebody who takes “strong, silent type” to whole new levels.

For my mini gaming/painting friends, put your own head on a mini
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21 thoughts on “Various updates, Sad Puppies, fishing for reviews”

  1. I imagine writing Agent Franks involves a lot of grunts, and the sounds of bits of anatomy breaking and/or squishing.

  2. At some point, some editor or publisher who thinks he knows better than you what your audience wants will tell you Agent Franks needs a love interest.

    Punch that person in the throat.

    1. Well, in the original Frankenstein, the Monster did want a love interest, so I suppose I can see someone having grounds for making the argument. But I can’t really see Franks having a romance. It would be– odd.

    2. Or make a massive joke out of it. I can just see this scene of some Franks-fangirl tossing out some lame line to the guy:

      Fangirl: Oh Agent, you’re so strong and big and intimidating, and WHOA, is that a banana in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?

      Franks: Classified

  3. The Audiobooks are excellent. You pulled off the trifecta. First, you made good decisions, second, you found good talent (in the booth and in front of the mike) and third, you got lucky. The combination is pretty rare.

  4. I picked up a copy of Warbound over the weekend Larry,
    Because of you (and Toonami) I didn’t sleep till 7am ish Sunday morning… And I got really weird looks from the folks at the bar at Don Pablo’s White Marsh. (I am know to the staff but the patrons are always curious about the guy sitting at the end of the bar sipping beer eating taquitos and reading science fiction) So I got through the first 4 chapters at the aforementioned bar, around 11 o’clock went home to watch “Evangelion 2.22 You shall (not) Advance” and went back to reading Warbound Next thing I notice its MORNING! Anyway I blame you and Toonami for my almost Sleepless Sunday. and I have to say TOTALLY WORTH IT!

  5. So…is Nemesis the book after Legion? I just wrapped up a read through of Monster Hunter International, then Vendetta, then Alpha, then Legion.

    I need my new fix. I also polished off Warbound. Spectacular work, sir! And I’m ready for Swords of Exodus.

  6. About 1/3 through Warbound. The I’ll-just-leave-this-here bit about the canoe was very well done. Just terrible people have been having that problem so long though. 🙂

  7. Just wanted to say I have just started listening to Hard Magic and I really like it. I am one of the Audiobook types. I enjoyed all the MHI books and this one is good as well. Bronson Pinchot was a really good choice. Surprisingly so, as when I saw who the narrator was I was a bit skeptical. Not sure why I was skeptical, but he is really good.

  8. After the nerve that Ringo touched this week, I bet if you are ever really successful with the “Sad Puppies”, they will disqualify the votes…(BTW they did it in 1989 when a bunch of fans of some unheard author got together and got enough votes to nominate the book)

    1. Indeed. The way the Hugos seem to be awarded for the past decade plus appears to be the biggest liberal douchebag with an unreadable novel that may have sold several hundred copies (and generally to the author’s family members. . .) gets the nod. Even Lo Bujold got skunked this year. . .

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