I shoot books for Rob Wells’ Kickstarter

Now the video is up!


Rob is launching a card game based on his new novel Blackout (coming in October). To help, he got a bunch of people from the Utah writing community to “help”. Of course, since I’m the one that lacks naunce, Rob asked me to shoot things.

One of the pledge levels is that Larry will shoot the hell out of the book of your choice and we’ll record it. We reserve the right to not shoot books of religious significance because A. I’m not a douchebag. B. I don’t want to get my head sawed off on Al Jazeera.

Anything else, and I’ll shoot it. A lot. Even if I know and am friends with the author. I will apologize to the camera. And then I’ll get out the Saiga 12. Because that’s what author friends do for each other.

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20 thoughts on “I shoot books for Rob Wells’ Kickstarter”

  1. What about a movie adaptation of a book? Cuz I would LOVE to see a hundred DVD copies of Tom F’ing Cruise’s defilement of the Jack Reacher book series shattered into a gwajillion tiny pieces.

    1. If Larry shot every crap movie that was made from great books he would run out of ammo long before he ran out of DVDs. I personally can think of a few dozen. Coincidentally a lot of them starred Tom Cruise.

    2. 2nd vote for shooting that horrid example of casting.

      “Oh, we’re doing a movie about a giant badass? We’ll take the midget!” said the worst casting guy ever.

  2. “Because that’s what author friends do for each other.”

    Shouldn’t that read, “Because that’s what author friends do TO each other”?

  3. It was amusing how so many people suggested books they didn’t like for political reasons. I suggested the OED just because I’d like to see you come up with a rifle that would shoot all the way through.

  4. I might be more tempted to donate if the goal was a bit more reasonable. As it is, I doubt we will be seeing you shoot anything.

  5. Sorry, but I really don’t like the idea of shooting a book.

    Okay I can fully understand that some books are so dire that Cohen the Barbarian had the right idea about their utility. (Of course there is an element of subjectivity about this, I mean I quite liked ‘Twilight’ . . . -ducks- )

    And I believe that some books are just so full of misleading information e.g. ‘Chariots of the Gods’ or just plain hate e.g. ‘The Turner Diaries’ that removing from circulation could well be considered a service to humanity.

    But somehow I just don’t feel comfortable with destroying a book. It just feels like a combination of the cruder forms of censorship and disrespecting something, which for someone, was a labour of love

    Just IMO of course.

    1. As somebody who actually makes his living with the labor of love, shooting a mass produced novel doesn’t offend me in the least. There are more in circulation and I still got my royalty payment. 🙂 These aren’t Guttenburg Bibles we’re talking about here.

      1. Fair comment, and good points.

        It is perfectly true that shooting a replaceable inanimate object, of no religious significance and which also happens to be your property, isn’t evil and doesn’t make anyone a douchebag.

        But it’s still not something I feel comfortable with.

        A bit like Danno/McGarrett slash fiction . . .

        Anyway if the kickstart does kick-off, aim true and have a good backstop.

      2. Reminds me of another authors comments. She offers bulk discounts for book burnings and other related events. This confused me at first until I realized 2 important things: Churchil’s”You’ve made enemies” quote, and the fact that the check would have cleared on the bulk order…

  6. Moby Dick for being the most boring book followed up by The Scarlet Letter.

    Seriously you will need a very high powered rifle to shoot through Moby Dick

  7. Personally not a big fan of book destruction, but if it’s your copy do with it what you want (unless it’s some super rare book that has not been in print for like 100 years or more type of thing)

    To me I just don’t get the point of this kickstarter reward. I mean if you have $400 that you can spent on kickstarter, you have enough money that if you wanted to see a book destroyed, you could buy your own firearm, ammo, and books to shoot up. No offence Larry but while it may be fun to see you shoot up a book, it would be way more fun to shoot that book up yourself.

  8. Re: The part about not getting your head sawed off on Al Jazeera.

    Why does the scene from Tremors come to mind, as the jihadis burst through Larry’s door…

    “Guess you broke into the wrong got-damned rec room!”

  9. Allright MAN! nice shooting! Now its a book that is replaceable not like its shooting the actors post a bad performance. Hmmmm Hey mister Cruise can we talk Rechaer for a min??

    1. Not my KS, I was just volunteering my guns. 🙂 I think Rob decided that he’d made some mistakes and could do it better.

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