Some new stuff of mine up on Amazon

The MHI RPG is now listed:

Swords of Exodus is out next month:

And I’ve got another novel out from Privateer Press coming on August 29th called Into the Storm, but it isn’t listed yet.

And for the record, whenever you order anything from Amazon after going through one of the links on my blog, even if it is a pair of boots or finger nail clippers, I get an advertising refferal. It isn’t huge, but it adds up, and on any given month it is enough to pay something like the phone bill or half a box of 10mm. 🙂

I shoot stuff in a book commercial for Rob Wells' Blackout.
Steven Long's GenCon update

4 thoughts on “Some new stuff of mine up on Amazon”

    1. For SoE, it is in that same link. Just click on the Kindle version. For the PDF of the RPG, go to Hero Games webpage.

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