I shoot stuff in a book commercial for Rob Wells’ Blackout.

Robison Wells gets feeback on his upcoming novel Blackout from several illustrious members of the Utah writing community. And the last segment is me seeing if an ARC of Blackout is vulnerable to handgun fire. 🙂

Whoops! Link removed. It wasn’t ready yet! Sorry about that!

Rob is launching a Kickstarter for a card game based on his book. Apparently one of the stretch goals will be that Larry will shoot the crap out of the book of your choice (within reason).

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10 thoughts on “I shoot stuff in a book commercial for Rob Wells’ Blackout.”

  1. While it’s cool to watch, I’m afraid that ballistics based book reviews would only appeal to a small and non-nuanced group of readers.

    1. While I dislike people causing harm to books, Mao’s Little Red Book is worthy of “shooting”. [Wink]

  2. What caliber for Bamstercare Hardcopy? LOL

    Or the Communist Manifesto, or Mein Krampf, or Rules for Radicals… 😀

    1. at 2700 pages, I’d think full on .50 BMG would be necessary. That’s 5 1/2 reams, before printing.

      2700 pages of ink will not only add some thickness, but the handling will cause the pages to be slightly spaced and act as progressive brakes on the bullet.

      It’s certainly worthy of the experiment, though. Good thinking.

    1. Bad choice. If Larry were muslim, he could abuse the book to his heart’s content. Being a flavor of christian, however, means that he and his family would get death threats and idiots hounding him.

      Since he already sleeps on a pile of money (by his own admission) I doubt if he’s interested in the possibility of more sales at that cost. I think that’s what the “in reason” part covers.

      1. Also, and I expect this would be the larger reason not to desecrate someone’s holy book, Larry’s actually a decent human being and not the sort of douche who would do that.

  3. Interestingly, I know of a car manufacturer that sells books with machined aluminum plates for covers, and the paper stock is all color plate printing. The paper alone is 300/book and the covers are 30 hours of CNC machining time at $125/hour. The books sell for $4500/copy, and I think about 15 copies have sold.

    Or you can download it for free from the manufacturer’s site. I’m guessing that there won’t be any loaners for shooting, though.

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