Birthday and Back from Book Tour

No big post today, because it is my birthday. That means I’m going to go shooting, and then come home and paint minis. I’m giving myself a day off. Crazy talk, I know.

Book Tour and GenCon were awesome. I’ll put up a big post with pictures soon to recap it. I had a great time. I met a ton of new people, got to visit new places (need to check my map, because I think I’ve now visited 46 states of our 57 states)

I’ve got hundreds of birthday well wishes on FB, so thank you very much. And if you want to get me a present that doesn’t cost you anything extra at all, if you’re going to order anything from Amazon or B&N, anything at all, if you enter those sites through the links to the right of the screen showing my books, I get a refferal. So if you go buy some duct tape, shovels, and trash bags (who am I to judge?) I get money. So think of it as a birthday tip jar. 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Birthday and Back from Book Tour”

  1. Happy Birthday, may today be a great day for you, but not as great as your next birthday nor the ones following and may there be many more.

  2. Happy Birthday, Larry!

    What are you doing eating all that cake and ice cream??


    (Seriously, Happy Birthday, and may you have many, many more…)

  3. Larry — I spent all of Gen Con looking for the guy who looks like a bald grizzly bear, but I couldn’t find you. 😉

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Larry. Try not to eat more than your own weight in cake and ice cream. Oh wait, did I say try “not”? I mean try. 🙂

    Well, whatever you do, just do it well.

  5. Happy Birthday, Larry!

    Hope it’s a wonderful day relaxing with the family. Have fun on your day off!

  6. Since I don’t have Facebook, let this be a late Happy Birthday from me. And I wish Amazon sold ammo. I’d totally buy a few bricks in your honor.

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