Tour of Duty

Mike Williamson gave me a heads up about his new anthology, but I was on tour. Then we hooked up for lunch when I landed in Indy and reminded me again in his typical, nuanced, subtle manner.

So hey everybody! Go look at this! Mike has a new anthology of short stories out.

Because seriously, you want to stay on the good side of the dude with the house full of guns and pointy things. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Tour of Duty”

  1. I haven’t gotten around to reading any of Mr. Williamson’s books, but I have been reading his Twitter feed. He seems like a nuanced and subtle sort of guy.

      1. I bought the Kindle versions of Freehold and Tour of Duty while I was writing the comment, actually. I might be able to clear enough stuff out of my queue to get around to reading them sometime next year, even.

    1. Start with Freehold. I believe it’s available online for free. Then go from there. He writes some really great stuff.

  2. Mike is neither Subtle, nor Nuanced, unless he’s asleep. I’ve known both he and Gail, for over 20 years, and can say it authoritatively. My loveable and beautiful adopted granddaughter Morrigan, will back me on that. After all, she’s his daughter. 🙂

    1. That’s one of his best books in my opinion. Lots of action, realistic political commentary, and a liberal dash of dry humor that sadly most people out there just don’t get.

      I will say that the first time I read the book the ending fell flat. But a few read throughs later it really grew on me.

  3. Already picked it up in the same bundle as Warbound. Good book, especially considering anthologies aren’t really my thing.

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