Last regular book signing: Memphis TN tonight

I’ll be signing at The Booksellers at Laurelwood at 6.

387 Perkins Road Extended

Memphis, TN 38117

Come by and say hi!

After this I’m on my way to GenCon. I’ll be signing there doing panels, but I’ll also be signing at the Hero Games booth and participating in the big MHI RPG. I’ve also got a sigign at the Privateer Press booth.

Tour of Duty
Book Signing Tonight, Brentwood TN 7pm

15 thoughts on “Last regular book signing: Memphis TN tonight”

    1. The character I created for Larry was Ray Velasquez, a former Miami cop. He did a great job stepping into the role. All the players did, really — which is the big benefit of asking them in advance what they wanted to play and designing their characters to suit. 🙂

  1. If it wasn’t a work night I would be there in a heart beat, with my new daughter in tow (one month is the perfect age to start reading them Hard Magic). Any chance we will see you in Little Rock in the future?

  2. Thanks for such an entertaining time Larry, especially all the news about the many upcoming books. Hope you make it back to Memphis sometime in the future.

  3. Larry,
    It was great to finally meet you. My wife and I had a great time. I know it is a haul for you, but we do appreciate being included down here in the South. Next year, if you hit Nashville or Memphis and have some free time, we have a good group of folks who would love to take you to the range.
    Thanks for all the great books and taking time to meet your fans, I look forward to the anthology, as a big fan Howard’s El Borak, and all of Kiplings works, the announcement of a MHI anthology is a very exciting prospect. GodSpeed,

  4. What are you doing in October? There’s a con in Wichita, Encounters, the 11-13 that I’m going to. Please note that I am in no way associated with the con I’d just like some more cool guests (Jim Butcher is attending).

  5. Just finished Warbound (audiobook). With all the temptation to write perpetual sagas, and the slipshod storytelling that passes in a lot of venues, I really appreciated the completeness of the story. So many projects start with a half-baked idea and it soon becomes obvious that, in spite of all pretensions to arc and comprehensive vision, it’s clear they’re just making it up as they go along. Each Grimnoir book is a complete solid story. Together, they’re a larger, still complete, story. It is so refreshing and thoroughly satisfying to get that from fiction series.

    Also, let me express my admiration for the writing, particularly the action scenes. The shift in language and sentence structure when action is focused on different characters adds a level of communication. So often the author’s voice is the only one outside of the dialog. Your choice to incorporate the character’s traits into the description of their actions was very well done. Faye’s lightning quick, decisive and plain actions communicated in short plain sentences. Jake’s direct, deliberate, determined viewpoint coming across in hammer-like prose. Really elevated the experience.

  6. Just a quick note to thank you for all the enjoyment I have received both from reading the Grimnoir stories and the audio performance by Mr. Pinchot. Also want to echo some of what is said above, the writing is really outstanding. I read a lot, and your ability to develop coherent characters that come to life in my mind is an art form lost on many allegedly more popular writers. As I type this my autographed copy of Warbound is on my desk. Thanks for taking the time to personalize those thousands of copies at Uncle Hugos. I though about keeping it sealed, but have already decided to read it afer I listen to the last hour of the audiobook (I also read the EARC from Baen). Thanks again, Mr. Correia for sharing your talent.

  7. My husband is at GenCon this weekend as well. He’s a freelancer and a die hard gamer. I’ll text him to let you know you’ll be around the PP booth. He’ll be over at the Catalyst Game Labs one most of the time, I’m sure.

  8. Larry, I’d love to see you in San Antonio at LoneStarCon. It wouldn’t be THAT far out of your way on the way home…

  9. I loved warbound…. I wish there was more…. Cant wait for the next book. So happy but sad to finish reading this book. Ur a genius… Thank u for sharing ur talent…. And i love faye!

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