Geeky Hobbies: Sunday Afternoon Mini Painting

I love painting miniatures. I needed a hobby that wasn’t writing or shooting, so I picked out something else to further strain my vision. 🙂

Also, since I’m writing books for Privateer Press’ Warmachine universe now, technically this is research. In honor of getting a book done and the final edits out the door to them today, I celebrated with glamor shots.

First up, Bart the Pirate, who I painted a while ago, but hadn’t taken a glamour shot using my awesome paper towels hung over lamps light box and high tech iPhone.


Then MacBain, who I did some converting to make him not look so dumpy and it turned out kind of Singing in the Rain.


This one is actually for my oldest daughter for her character in our IKRPG game.  (I gave her a cameo in the upcoming Into the Storm, so now she’s canon).


Then the rest are of a Vanguard warjack for my Mercenary army. Because steam powered robots are awesome.

Vanguard 1

I actually did a bunch of conversion work on the legs because the default pose makes it look like it is squatting.

Vanguard 3

Yes, that is a very little MHI patch.

Vanguard 4

I sliced up the legs and pinned in some extra pieces of metal. I used round bits of the spue that parts come on.

Vanguard 6

And the free hand is Correia on one side, Monster on the other in Ordic. (the Portuguese equivelent in Warmachine)

Vanguard 7

EDIT: Current WiP-


Warbound eBook is out on Amazon
Looks like the Warbound eBook is up early at Baen

6 thoughts on “Geeky Hobbies: Sunday Afternoon Mini Painting”

  1. Looking good ! I should bust out my mini kit, haven’t touched it in years, full of half finished orcs, dismembered bunny warriors and day glow green Space Marines. It was an… odd… time in my life.

  2. I’m starting to imagine you as Jean-Pierre from Ronin. Retired to your mountain estate, painting the 47 Ronin, and assisting various nefarious characters who arrive at your door in the middle of he night.

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