The MHI RPG and Employee Handbook is available for everyone!

I’ve been getting a ton of questions from people who missed the Kickstarter when they could pick up the MHI RPG and Employee Handbook. As of now all of the KS orders have been fulfilled and Hero Games is selling them.

Here is the hard copy of the book:  And it is a huge, fat, hard cover, fully illustrated bit of awesomeness. This thing really is gorgeous and it is packed with fluff and some really remarkable full color illustrations. Hero Games did a fantastic job on this project. The writing, layout, and art is all top notch.

This link is for the PDF copy only:

And this is for the bundle of both the book and the PDF. I think this is the best deal:

And come on, you know you totally want some limited edition MHI dice to roll when you are punching imaginary monster face!


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47 thoughts on “The MHI RPG and Employee Handbook is available for everyone!”

  1. Got my copy in the post yesterday and had to laugh when I got to the body armour picture. I suspect there there are several other cameos in the artwork.

    1. Thanks for the link.

      Well obviously. People should be warned. I would hate for someone to be unwittingly exposed to my doubleplusbadthink. 😀

      Honestly, I can’t imagine going through life being such a complete wuss that you are incapable of clearly articulating and publically defending your beliefs against somebody who differs from you politically. Hell, I still watch Jamie Foxx movies.

      I do like how I’m an “ultra hard right neocon” when I’m really more of a right leaning stay-off-my-lawn libertarian who has worked for and with the government enough to know that they screw up everything they touch. And the topics I mostly stick to are the ones that I’m actually, quite literally, a subject matter expert on. Oh well, I’d better not have strong opinions on topics I’m familiar with because I may inadvertantly damage somebody’s tender lilac scented feelings.

      1. You should make a monster themed heavy bag and speedbag.
        If i ever get to meet you im gonna look at your knuckles first to see if theyre as hosed up as mine are.

        Just finished first two MHI books and look forward to more. Hell yes ill buy the hardcover manual.

      2. Oh, but you must remember that per whats-his-face, the idiot back on the gun control thread, you’re automatically unqualified to comment on anything you know a lot about.

        And yeah, that idiot notion still makes me headdesk.

      3. Wow, some children there really need to put their big girl panties on. I’m tempted to join and post but there is no point having a battle of wits with the unarmed.

      4. I’ve played D&D and other RPGs off and on for well over twenty years. I’m always amused at the numbers of hardcore and larval leftists who play RPGs.

        “Hi, I’m a card carrying Democrat. I generally believe in a liberal utopia where everyone is equal, all cultures are equally valid, and everyone deserves a share of the other guy’s money! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play a character with waaaaay above average skills and talents in a ultra-feudal world. Tonight, I’m off again to stab everything in the face and then loot their corpses in order to afford even better weaponry to more efficiently stab people in the face and loot their corpses.”

        And yes, I’ve played dozens of games with liberal friends. Most of them were great players. And every last one of them kept a fanatical eye on their in-game wealth. 🙂

  2. Man, I wish I still had a tabletop group. PbP rping is great, but this looks like a lot of fun, too.

  3. So glad to see its release. A large portion of the artwork is by my good friend Tony Vassallo a very talented comic book artist but a poor mini-painter. You can’t have it all. I guess.

  4. Just ordered mine! I am at work so I can’t download and devour the .pdf version. Can’t help but wonder: does it come with an official MHI candidate questionnaire like the following:
    Evil looms. Do you a) try to recall everything you read about its’ weaknesses; b) attempt to use charm and wit to negotiate; c) back away slowly toward the nearest telephone, or d) cowboy up?

  5. Because it might take awhile for folks near each other physically to get into the game, has anyone thought about starting a Google Hangouts MHI RPG group? I would be very interested in getting something going even though I haven’t played table top RPGs for many years.

    1. I like this idea (see my post above). I’m not really familiar with google hangouts, but I’m fairly competent at creating/skinning boards in proboards and jcink. They’re free, and I’d be happy to set one up. Plus there must be some CSS wizards around here somewhere who would be even better at the coding than I am.

      1. The nice thing about Google Hangouts is that you can still have the face to face experience (to a certain extent) by having multi-person video chats so that those in different geographic locations can still have the old school gaming experience without travelling to meet each other.

        The only thing it doesn’t work well for is RPGs with miniatures and boards/maps. Although I’m sure someone can figure out a good way to get that to work in Hangouts too.

      2. hmm. There’s probably a way to rig that in jcink. If only via a redirect forum that links to a Google Hangout. I take it a Hangout is some sort of dedicated chat room? (I’d go look myself, but my work’s server classifies it as social media and blocks it, so I can’t right now).

      3. A possible solution– have whoever is running the game (or whoever has the maps/minis), set up a second account and point the camera there at the map. Put some letter/number designators around the edge, and then the players can say “I move Milo to A4 and fire Abomination 2 at the hoard of zombies on a line from A4 to C10.” or similar. Since most people these days have at least 2 of laptop, smartphone, or tablet, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone willing to pick up a 2nd google+ account for the map camera.

      4. I would certainly be interested, depending on timing. Of course, I still have to get the books, as I didn’t get in on the kickstarter. If I get them now, though, I can get Larry to sign them at SLC Comic Con. Which would be cool.

      5. And of course, if we could con Larry into participating on occasion, well, that would be epic levels of awesome coolness. On par with the epic levels of awesome that he uses to describe his X million hits to the site posts. =)

      6. Sounds like a cool idea! I’d be thinking about running past our local gaming shop and posting a notice since I got my copy. But the last few groups I’ve been in had about as many narcissist losers who apparently could only get attention by starting endless pointless inter-party arguments as good players. Eventually we ended up spending more time arguing than playing so I dropped out.
        If you need one more player I’d love to give it a whirl. I’d offer to contribute miniatures (somehow ended up with a massive collection of the things) but since it’s virtual I guess there’s not much point!

    2. I’m n a weekly gaming group that plays via Google Hangouts and it works very well. As someone observed, it does a pretty good job of standing in for the “group around the table” experience; we can talk to one another, joke, etc. in realtime.

      For maps/minis, the GM is able to post graphics he creates with some simple drawing program. Not sure how he does it but it’s quite possible.

    1. Yes, the book alone or book+PDF are both $60: the PDF is free with purchase of the book. Or if you buy the book from a game store that uses Bits and Mortar they can enter your email address at and you’ll get a download code for the PDF. Or you can buy the book at the Indie Press Revolution booth at Gen Con and forward your Square receipt email to and after the convention they’ll send you a link to the PDF.

      The PDF also comes with an extra PDF with 29 more monsters and a 2-page rules summary.

  6. I really, really hope this means my copy from the Kickstarter campaign will show up very soon. I’m all impatient and stuff. (I have patches and dice, though. Woo!)

  7. My dice came in recently. They are awesome except – I have 18 of the little critters, and I have no need of any of them except they look great. Not sure how I ended up with so many. And not sure what to do with the extras….

      1. Scott – I really only wanted some as collectible items. I don’t do the game playing thing.

        Achillea – Fine by me, if it wouldn’t make Larry’s head want to explode. I know how big he is on Getting Paid!

      2. lol. I’m just kidding, really. I do PbP rp, haven’t used dice in years (though I have a closetful from my Champions days).

  8. Book, PDF, and dice ordered! Thanks for branching out into other stuff and introducing me to new things. Now I need people to play with. I’ll pay attention to that Google Hangouts thing above.

  9. I’m quite excited to see this Larry. Will be getting my copy ASAP. My son and I have been remarking what a good rpg this would make. So when does the Grimnoir Chronicles rpg come out? Hint-hint!

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