Geeky Hobbies, Sunday Afternoon Painting. TROLLS!

This is another unit for my Warmachine Mercenary army, Boomhowler & Company from Privateer Press. Because nothing says ax to the face like trolls wearing kilts. This was my first attempt at doing something like a tartan pattern, and overall I think they came out pretty good.

The gang is all here.

Boomie Group

Somebody asked me which clans I was trying to paint… I have no idea. I just picked colors I thought would go well together. 🙂

Boomie 1

Gregore Boomhowler and dude with a helmet (yes, my names are super creative)

Boomie 2

And here we see that trolls shoot Isoceles. Okay, the gun nuts know what I’m talking about.

Boomie 3

I love the dude on the left. He’s got a facial expression that says “I just don’t give a ****.”

Boomie 4

I named the ax dude on the right Howard Stolenhead. Because my box of troll parts came from eBay missing a head so I stole that one from Howard.

Boomie 5

And that’s the last of our glamour shots for today.

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7 thoughts on “Geeky Hobbies, Sunday Afternoon Painting. TROLLS!”

  1. My brother has been doing Napoleanics for about 40 years, how big are these ‘guys’ – they are a lot more creative and probably lots more fun as well!

  2. I’ve always been impressed how awesome you get these things to look. I just got my case of Bones minis from Reaper and am getting ready to dive into painting myself for the first time. I hope I can get things to look half as good as these.

  3. Larry,

    These are just awesome!
    I have a full unit of Boomhowler’s just sitting in blisters still. I haven’t gotten up the urge to paint them. to be honest I’m out of work and have been taking painting commissions for people, so mine takes the back seat. Here’s hoping for Bigger and more steady commissions or a job which ever comes first.


  4. So, in the Iron Kingdoms campaign you’re going to run, “Mr. I don’t give a ****!” is going to be your personal character? 😛

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