7 thoughts on “Interview with me, Association of Mormon Letters”

  1. Draven, that was exactly where my mind went as well.

    I guess the question then is if Ham is perhaps a genre, to which bacon belongs. That might also include pulled pork and advocate for Cuban sandwiches, and I couldn’t be happier.

  2. I didn’t know that Letters could be Mormon… I thought that the church was only open to people.

  3. “And of course, in Grimnoir Chronicles, John Moses Browning is one of the pivotal supporting characters. Because Mormon gun-wizard? Why the heck not?”

    Because John Moses Browning. Full Stop.

  4. I’m fairly certain that I’ve read about more Portagees in the 2 years since I’ve discovered your books than in the previous 38 literate years of my life.

    1. I read more but I believe they were mostly unsavory types breeding with demonic mermen or selling arcane tomes of forbidden knowledge. When they weren’t fishing of course.

  5. Larry, I’m an introvert who hates debate/arguing. I really wish I had a little version of you that I could carry around for schooling unreasonable people. I’d probably have to get some sort of government license for that. Larry Control.

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