Monster Hunter Challenge Coins, looking for feedback

So it is official, we will be doing Monster Hunter International challenge coins in a Kickstarter in the near future. You guys should be getting your MHI RPG books now, and once that’s all wrapped up I can do something different.

Right now we (as in me and my graphic arts and all around expert on stuff guy, Jack) are coming up with different designs and ideas. So I thought I would throw it out there to you guys. What are some of the coin designs and slogans you would like to see? Are there any lines from the books that you think would be particularly awesome?

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90 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Challenge Coins, looking for feedback”

      1. +1 on Team Haven. I’ll need two. I want to inset one on the stock of my Marlin. A coin with the Hind on it would make me happy too. MCB and STF Unicorn might be good to round things out.

  1. Let’s see, apart from the MHI one pictured, you should also do a Combat Wombat one, like a “stretch goal”.
    But seriously, the teams, the Urks (Team Skippy?), the Elves, G-Nome, et al.
    The possibilities are endless. 😀

  2. Different team coins and on the obverse you can do portraits of the notable team members. Team Alhambra with a black bar. Of course, deceased team members get “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” inscribed around the perimeter of their face.

  3. Yea, some form of a Sic Transit Gloria Mundi coin. Maybe a death coin, something put with the deceased to pay the ferryman.

  4. “Physics beats magic” -Owen Z Pitt, this needs to be on a challenge coin in some way, and the zombie bear with a helmet or the zombie elephant.

  5. My favorite line was ‘I was morally ambivalent, but it was too damn hot to have to dig a deep enough hole to hide a body.’ But that would be tough to use on a coin.

  6. Love this coin, so does the airship wifey. And I’ll have to think on the quote part of this. But the teams and ‘allies’ seem like no brainers to me too. As well as the death coin.

  7. Why not do a “classic” style without the phrases around the edge? Either way I want one!
    Love the Dead Six idea 🙂

      1. I emailed Larry asking for permission to use some of the material in his books to make a “personal use only” bumper sticker or two. Haven’t heard anything back yet. I figure if nobody is going to make stickers to sell to me then I’ll create my own. I’d love to be able to copy the face of the coin above and have that printed on a sticker.

  8. How about a coin for the conference in Legion? Do the casino logo on one side, and the conference name on the back?

  9. Skippy’s tribal coin needs an Inverted hind D guns blazing on one side and Edward slicing and dicing on the other.

  10. I think its cool and some of those other ones Ive seen as patches would be nice. Very Ferengi of you to figure out how to separate me from even more of my $$$$$$

  11. A Bun Bun team patch with Milo’s Ominous Hum flame thrower on the back. Just take my dang money already.

  12. “Nickoli is a badass russian. Badass russians only have 3 moods; Revenge, Depression, and Vodka.”

  13. Okay, first off, it’s no fair letting a right wing, conservative, capitalist with business acumen loose in the SciFi community. We are a bunch of poor, hopeless, retards with low impulse control.

    Having said that, what can I get for a kidney?

    An Agent Franks coin would seem to be in order. I’d say MCB, but no one would buy it.

    I second the Skippy/Ed idea. Hell, I second all the other ideas.

    There could also be a Grant Jefferson coin. The obverse could have an over inflated chicken.

  14. Crap. I’ll just mail you my checkbook.
    I suppose you’ll also offer books to store them like the state quarter set. “Collect the whole set!”

  15. A Hold the Pig Steady coin would be cool. And it escapes me, the name of Owen’s brother’s former band.

  16. How soon can we start the Kickstarter for the coins? My son suggested an Edward coin with a chicken flying towards a rear helicopter propeller on the other side.

  17. For an ultimate stretch goal (or a really high contribution level) a coin in real silver would be spectacular.

    1. +1. I’m in. Maybe several collections from the different series and if you order them all you can go a bit more for the silver bonus coin?

  18. Definitely a “Combat Wombat” badge, and an Owen/Franks coin – we can argue over who would really win. Maybe you could do something like Werewolf/Earl, or MCB/Franks. I don’t know. The possible combinations are endless – I’m sure everyone has there own personal favourite characters and what they would expect to see on the obverse. My personal favourite would be the Combat Wombat/Tom Stranger.

  19. The first two line of M.H.I.

    The bit about sparkling vampires and thermite.

    Gotta include the zombies/target-rich environment quote.

    Given my druthers, I’d like the MHI coin only have enamel on the smiley monster face. To my mind, the black background is too much. (Even though I like the implications of the concentric circles!)

    1. Same here, solid green happy face front and back would be awesome. Someone’s idea of a silver memorial coin with “Sic transit Gloria mundi” would be equally awesome.

  20. Well. There goes my next set of discretionary spending money.
    And here I thought I was going to buy fluff. Nope! Larry is going to be getting my money, YET AGAIN!

  21. The coin design already displayed is wonderful. I’d suggest one based on something you said at the Dark Carnival signing:

    “Win! You can’t spend the money if you’re dead!”

    I’m in regardless. Thank you.

  22. gday larrie , exciting days
    ok try this ones for team down under ,
    so picture this , a kangaroo on steroids, big n ripped, veins popping out , jail house tatts
    wearing a old school tanktop n old school short shorts ,evil eyes,big teeth, with a brocken long neck in his hand ,(thats a 750ml beer bottle with the end smashed of it ) very intimadating in any ones hand .
    o one last thing kangaroos have huge balls

    1. and if it’s a red kangaroo they can be up over 7 foot tall. They have also be known to use their hind legs to gut dogs, or go into the water and drown dogs

  23. I think the primary coin should be similar to a military unit coin (retired AF). As pictured the front is perfect, the back should have the state of Alabama with a star in the location of MHI HQ with the Bubba quote around the outside: “Our business is monsters, and business is booming”. Maybe Bubba’s crossed pistols too. Just my $500, or whatever it takes to get 00001 :o)

    Oh boy, people will hate me for this, but my wife just suggested also making the above into brooches or lapel pins. She also thought earrings would be cool, not too big though. Maybe just the smiley for the earrings. I could just set it up to have my paycheck direct deposited to your account.

    1. Oh, yes, please earrings. I’d love to have a couple of MHI smiley faces dangling from my lobes. Maybe with a matching necklace. =)

      We geek girls often get overlooked in the attire dept, unless we just want to wear T-shirts all the time.

  24. I’d personally like to see a ‘Mr. Garbage Bags is my Friend’ coin.

    Certainly not a team coin, probably not appropriate for a challenge coin, but the mental picture of a shaggoth hugging a little girl makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or somthin’.

  25. I’m in.

    If you’re taking feedback on the example, I’d rotate the words 45 degrees counter-clockwise, so they read more easily.

    And yes, different coins as stretch goals is perfect.

    1. Clarification: If you rotate the words, flip the lower two phrases such that they’re right side up when the coin is right side up.

    2. I assumed in the example coin that the words were specifically angled to indicate reading order.

      Of course, you could Turn the coin clockwise for MHI, kind of counterclockwise for MCB 😉

      So MHI would be “evil looms, cowboy up, kill it, get paid.”
      and MCB would be “get paid, kill it, cowboy up, loom evilly”

      1. Or, we could make up a motto for MCB like “To Detect and Deter” or “M**herf**king C***licking Bas**rds” – which is probably a little too Frank. Heh.

    1. Military lore has it that war veterans would challenge each other with bragging rights by showing pieces of shrapnel that had been pulled out of their bodies.

      Over time these became coins. Today, the tradition is that while drinking at a bar, service members can “challenge” each other to produce a coin. If you fail to produce one, you have to pay for that round. Coins also have ranks; the more prestigious the coin, the higher the rank. If everyone pulls out a coin, the one with the lowest ranking coin has to pay.

      Coins are awarded by superiors for exceptional service. They are usually cherished by the recipients.

    2. Military tradition. (Often observed more in breach than in practice.)
      You have a coin representing your unit (your command is supposed to buy it for you, IME, this rarely happens).
      When at a bar with your friends you can pull out your coin to initiate a challenge, and any person who can’t produce theirs is obligated(ish) to buy a round.

    3. There’s one other rule that hasn’t been covered, yet. If you challenge and everyone has their coin, the challenger has to buy the next round.

    4. I understand, thanks for the explanation, guys. 🙂

      So the MHI challenge coins would be for the MHI teams? Or just players/readers in general?

  26. how ’bout a PUFF exempt coin. PUFF exempt on one-side and a random PUFF bounty number on the other if found in violation.

  27. Larry- hello from the land of the morning calm. My two cent on the coin: gotta have the “sic Gloria transit mundi” on there somewhere! That’s a great motto. V/R Scott

  28. At least ONE of the coins (because we all know this is going to bust all sorts of stretch goals) should be the basic MHI green grinning devil, and I like the Alabama map on the reverse for the ‘official’ MHI coin.

    I could really go for an Owen/Franks coin. Gives a whole new meaning to “heads or tails,” right? *evil grin*

    For stretch goals, well, I’m pretty sure that each team would have their own coin, right?

  29. Id like to see the “Because FUCK YOU, Thats why.” coin come along…. and abomination in the middle would look appropos…

  30. On the flip side, I would put a particular high profile mission success (like the one done for Bin Laden). For example have a profile of an Old One and the name and date.

  31. The thought occurs to me that ***SPOILER ALERT*** the Shacklefords have a few, er, two0faced people with their MHI persona and then an other persona. These would make great coins if we’re not concerned about spoiling new readers.

  32. Also, we need the image of Julie that Owen saw during training with her and the spear and the – was it a wight? I think it was a wight.

  33. The PUFF Exemption coin sounds like the best idea yet, although I’d love to have one with a picture of the Abomination on one side and “We even scare the NRA sometimes” on the other.

  34. x2 for high quality vinyl stickers. That might be a more viable way to produce all of the various team logos.

    Also, I cuncur with the state of Alabama on the reverse of the coin, but maybe a small red heart marking MHI HQ, rather than a star
    (Alabama *is* the Heart of Dixie). The devil smiley would be a nice way to mark it, too.

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