Next upcoming BOOK BOMB for a good cause: FEARLESS

Many of you read my friend Zach’s history blog, Minimum Wage Historian.  Zach has just released his first MWH based book. Fearless, Powerful Women of History, and it is written in Zach’s usual goofy, irreverant, and actually educational style.

I’ll be launching the book bomb either tomorrow or the next day, because the eBook is out, but the print copy should be listed shorty, and we’re just waiting for it.

Now this is for a good cause. Zach was just surprise laid off from his day job. He’s looking, but you know how that goes. In the meantime, book sales will help him pay the rent.

On that note, if any of you live in Utah and you’re looking to hire, or you know somebody looking for help, Zach is smart, hard working, good with people, a talented artist, a talented writer, fluent in Spanish, and has served two combat tours in Iraq. I vouche for his character.

So anyways, share the link and tell your friends. I’ll be posting again about this as soon as the sales link for the hard copies is up.

Mike Williamson on SFWA, a really good post
The Drowning Empire, Episode 25: Leaving Otosan Uchi

23 thoughts on “Next upcoming BOOK BOMB for a good cause: FEARLESS”

    1. What steve said. Helps to see a resume or skillset if I’m going to be asking people I know about open jobs. =)

  1. There’s a smoking hot redhead on the cover, and intelligently armored. That’s a very good start.

    Not sure I’d wear that exact shade of lipstick for combat, though. I’d probably go a little lighter and happier. That shade makes her look like a vampire who just had a drink, which is probably not a good look if it gets bad enough that the makeup will make a difference.

    Refreshing to see real armor and a properly held sword, though. (She can land a death blow in about half a second from that position.)

    All in all, I give an A for the cover, as It would be a kick-ass desktop wallpaper.

    1. Come to think of it, the lipstick shade is perfect. Mercy would be worthless, but striking terror into enemies is always a plus in a fight.

  2. I will absolutely buy at least one copy, possibly more as gifts. If anyone here hasn’t been to his site GO THERE NOW.

  3. Larry,

    Off topic, but I need your input as a firearms expert. How does Utah ccw teachers skirt the gun-free schools federal law?


    1. The way our law is written the federal gun free school zones is superseded. I don’t know the legalese details, but that’s how it works here.

  4. Amazon has a “borrow for free” option for prime members. Any idea if Zach will get any kind of payment for free borrows?

    I don’t know if amazon has some kind of royalty system that includes it, or what exactly they’re doing. You have to pony up $80/year for the prime so there’s probably room for a few cents.

    I’d appreciate anybody with firm knowledge letting us in on how the borrow thing works. Thank you.

      1. Zach,

        Double-check the fine print again. With KDP Select (I’m assuming you’re in it, since readers can borrow your book), you don’t get royalties for the borrows, true, but you will get a payment out of the “borrow pool” – a fixed amount per month divided by the number of borrows across the entire system. For example, for my husband, it worked out last month as about the same as the royalty per copy – but Take The Star Road is $2.99, so my guesstimate is that it’ll be less than your royalty from a straight sale of Fearless.

  5. I work at SirsiDynix, a library software company with offices in Thanksgiving point (Lehi)

    Our current Spanish language specialist is leaving for grad school soon, and his spot should be opening in the very near future.

    He can check the company website at and the HR page, or he can email Carolyn.campbell at the usual corporate format email address, or Ben Maxwell – same email format, telling them that I referred him to them

    I have been there 8 years and it is by far my favorite job in 35 years of working life.

    Thanks for sharing your great storytelling talents

    Do you still teach shooting, and if so, where in the state?

    I live in south Utah county but could come most anywhere on the Wasatch front.

    Thanks and warm regards

    Ken Warner

    Springville UT

    1. I’ll let him know.

      I gave up my teaching certs last year. I was just too busy with writing to keep up.


  6. Is this still on? Should I buy today, or wait for an announcement.

    Damn, it’s tough being a minion….

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